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three adult students laughing while looking at laptop; Graduate + Doctoral Programs

Graduate + Doctoral Programs

Graduate Programs

Benedictine University offers a variety of graduate programs across several disciplines, ensuring that students find the right fit for their academic growth and professional career goals.

College of Liberal Arts

College of Liberal Arts

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COSH/COLA programs Advisor
Julie Meurer, M.B.A.
[email protected]
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COB programs Advisor
Ph.D.) and DNP
Jenny Jeschke, M.A.
[email protected]
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Doctoral Programs

Goodwin College of Business: By emphasizing theory in practice, innovation, management and academic rigor, Benedictine’s Goodwin College of Business graduate programs provide a lasting foundation for leadership and prepare students for current and future opportunities in their professional lives. Our graduate business programs provide a collaborative educational experience that imparts superior practical knowledge and management skills; enables learners to analyze complex, real-world business problems, implement best practices; and instills a sense of personal commitment to improve the responsible strategic leadership of organizations.

Organization Development

Organization Development

Values-Driven Leadership

Values-Driven Leadership

Doctor of Nurse Practice

Doctor of Nursing Practice


No GRE Required

No Application Fee

Make Your Career Happen Now!


Steps to Apply

Start by going to apply.ben.edu and scrolling down to “Graduate and Doctoral Students.”
From there, you can create an account and begin an application.

Your statement of career goals must clearly indicate your vision for your future and should answer questions such as, “Where do you see yourself upon graduation from our master’s program?,” “What kind of work do you envision yourself doing in five years?”, or “Do you intend to pursue more education?” One page is sufficient. As you write this statement, be sure to include your rationale for applying to the graduate program of your choice at Benedictine University. You will need to demonstrate how the education you will receive in this program fits your future career goals. This essay may be attached to an application in progress or emailed to [email protected] or your admissions counselor.

Benedictine requires a current resume with your application. This may be attached to an application in progress or emailed to [email protected] or your admissions counselor.

Applicants can select recommenders within their in-progress application. Recommenders are provided a link to submit a reference on behalf of the applicant. Alternatively, recommenders may email a reference letter to [email protected].

Applicants should request official transcripts from all institutions they attended, including any credits obtained at a community college, technical college or four-year college/university. Please request that all official transcripts be electronically sent to [email protected].

If you are applying to the Clinical Psychology program, please complete these additional steps:

Your autobiographical statement should assist the admissions committee in understanding your personal story as it reflects your professional career interests. This helps the committee to see that the student has done self-reflection and has a good understanding of their motivation for this work. This essay will also demonstrate your writing skill. Please be brief, one or two pages are sufficient. Finally, specific details of the student’s life experiences are less important than the theme of their experiences. It is important for the student to demonstrate appropriate boundaries in sharing their story. This essay may be attached to an application in progress or emailed to [email protected] or your admissions counselor.

Applicants with a cumulative GPA under 3.2 must submit MAT results to Benedictine University. If the applicant has already taken the GRE, we will accept it. For candidates with a GPA of 3.2 or higher, no action is required, and no documentation/waiver is required.

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