School of Education

Advancing your training in the teaching profession.

Benedictine’s School of Education (SOE) prepares future teachers with the knowledge, skills and abilities to shape and influence the learning of young minds in the years to come.

SOE is proud to be a leader in the campus wide initiative promoting diversity, inclusion and equity. Through research, public scholarship, community building, and the preparation of education practitioners and policymakers, we advance your training in the teaching profession. Please consider one of Benedictine’s education programs to shape your learning through critical-thinking, research-based decision making and best practices.

  • Scholarship
  • Lifelong Inquiry
  • Leadership
  • Social Responsibility


Benedictine University’s School of Education equips candidates with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that will shape and influence learning through critical thinking, research-based decisions, and best practices. As an integrated whole, the conceptual framework contains the overarching purpose of the unit: to create effective practitioners.

Advising + Licensure

This page details information on the Illinois licensure process for preservice and experienced educators.

Cooperating Teachers + University Supervisors

Explore the learning platforms and Illinois teaching and learning standards.

Current Teacher Education Candidates

Current student’s hub for teaching information and resources regarding admission to TEP, program checklists, student teaching experiences and useful links for passing state tests. Transfer Students This page houses all of the next steps for students transferring into Benedictine who are interested in going the teaching route.

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