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Academic Support Center (ASC) + Academic Accommodations and Accessibility

Benedictine University is committed to helping our students succeed

We are here to support you on your academic journey at Benedictine. The Academic Support Center (ASC) will enhance your learning by offering free tutoring, skills for academic success and writing assistance. ASC also provides accommodations for eligible students. Our goal is to help students grow and succeed at BenU and beyond. We offer a variety of services at both the Lisle and Mesa campuses with in-person or virtual academic support and accommodations.

ASC Lounge on D2L
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Peer Tutoring

Our group of peer tutors are ready to help students with a variety of subjects. Peer tutoring hours vary, but students can drop-in for sessions. Please check the schedule for house and details.

PEER TUTORING SCHEDULE - Lisle Campus (As of 2/12/2024) PEER TUTORING SCHEDULE - Mesa Campus - (As of 1/26/2024)

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Our learning specialist is available for one-on-one or small group tutoring sessions. Click on the Booking link to make an appointment.

Dr. Susan Roach – Literacy Learning Specialist. Book Appointment
Assists students in writing/reading for college courses. (M-Th 9-5)
Location: Kindlon Hall, Room 308

Dr. Carol Fendrick – Science Learning Specialist. Book Appointment
Assists students with a variety of topics within science.
Location: Kindlon Library, Room 309

Ms. Marian Flattum – Math Learning Specialist. Book Appointment 
Assists students with all levels of math through Calculus II, as well as statistics and biostatistics.
Location: Kindlon Library, Room 314

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The Writing Zone

The Writing Zone is here to help you with your writing needs. Visit our page for additional information

Visit the Writing Zone

Academic Accommodations and Accessibility

Benedictine University is dedicated to creating an accessible environment through reasonable and appropriate accommodations for students with disabilities. We encourage students with disabilities to seek assistance by contacting the Academic Accommodations and Accessibility office on your campus.

Lisle Campus [email protected] or (630) 829-6041
Mesa Campus [email protected] or (480) 878-7514

Special accommodation services are available for students with disabilities on a case-by-case basis, provided that documentation from a properly licensed clinician supports the accommodation. Students eligible under the Americans with Disabilities Act (1990) and/or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act (1973), whose disability interferes with a major life activity, are urged to self-identify so that the process for receiving assistance can begin as early as possible.

Commonly granted accommodations include the following:

  • Extended time for testing in a quiet test environment
  • Designated note-taker in class
  • Modified or enlarged classroom and reading materials
  • Books in alternate formats
  • Preferential classroom seating

If you are in need of special academic or housing accommodations, please contact Academic Accommodations and Accessibility at (630) 829-6041 to begin the process of submitting proper documentation for equal access to educational and campus services.

You can also consult the Student Accommodations Handbook for more information. (handbook coming soon)

View Benedictine University's Policy to Request Accommodations

Jack McGraw



“Benedictine University has been very accommodating to me. My disability has not interfered with my ability to be involved in campus life. I am a part of Student Senate, programming board and the orientation leader team. I also participate in Bible Study every week and other activities. As a programming board representative, I helped plan events for the campus. Orientation leaders help with events welcoming new students and student senate has regular meetings and is very involved in every aspect of college life. The campus is accessible, and people are always willing to hold doors open for me. I really appreciate and am blessed that I am valued as an individual. They genuinely care and embody inclusion in all things! I want other students to have the same experiences as me!”


Jack McGraw

Psychology/Social Work, Theology
Class of 2023

Joy Matteson
University Librarian
Interim Director of the Academic Support Center
[email protected]
Kindlon Hall, Room 229B

Dr. Elaine Davies
Director of Accommodations and Accessibility
[email protected]
Kindlon Hall, Room 310