Grants Office

Beyond Tuition: Securing Grants to Elevate Benedictine University

The overall goal of the Grants Office is to increase the grant and sponsored programs portfolio at Benedictine University as well as to raise the profile for BenU. The Grants Office works to support the BenU community in obtaining government, foundation and corporate grants.

Benedictine University receives support from governmental agencies, private foundations and corporations which support research and special projects to enhance teaching, leaning, campus initiatives, and scholarship funds. In 2022 our grants included funding large and small, private and public, and research and program support.


For further information on grants, contact Cate Croteau, Director of Institutional Grants and Supported Programs, at [email protected] or 630-829-6522.

If you are interested in contributing to Benedictine University by way of a corporate or foundation grant, please contact Mark McHorney, Interim Chief Advancement Officer, at [email protected] or 630-829-6150.

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