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We’re here to empower you on your path to excellence.

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Students choose BenU for the educational excellence and sense of belonging.

They stay for the vibrant community, enriching environment, and myriad opportunities to thrive and grow.

Dedicated to promoting your health, wellbeing, growth, and success at BenU.

Student Affairs exists to promote the professional and personal wellbeing of all BenU students.

If you need academic help, mental health support, on-campus healthcare, or just a friendly face, we’re here to connect you with the resources you need to thrive at BenU.

Nurturing Students On the Path to Excellence

Benedictine University is invested in your success! We offer a variety of resources and support systems designed to help you thrive academically, personally, and professionally. No matter your goals or challenges, we’re here to empower you on your unique path to excellence.


Academic Success Starts Here

College is a journey filled with challenges and rewards. Sometimes, even the most dedicated students need a little extra support. That’s where we come in! We connect you with valuable resources and support systems to help you reach your academic goals and maximize your potential.


Building Your Community to Find Your Fit

Thriving in college involves both academics and social connections. We offer a variety of resources and events to help you find your place at Benedictine University! Whether you’re looking for clubs that share your interests or social activities that suit your comfort level, we’re here to connect you with the Benedictine community.


Supporting Your Whole Self

Benedictine cares! Supporting your well-being is important to us. Find resources to manage stress, anxiety, or life’s challenges. Connect with mental health professionals and develop healthy habits to thrive in college.


Prioritizing Physical Wellbeing

Our Wellness Center offers convenient primary care, preventative services, and personalized plans to keep you feeling your best throughout your college journey.



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lifelong friendships

Student Activities

Social Life

Dive into a vibrant social scene at Benedictine University! From bustling student clubs and organizations to exciting campus events and game days, there’s something for everyone. Connect with like-minded peers, explore your passions, and make memories that will last a lifetime.


Don’t just be a student, be a leader! Benedictine University empowers you to make a difference. Take the helm of a club, shape student government policy, or participate in research projects. Develop your leadership skills and leave your mark on campus.

Spiritual Life

Cultivate your spirit and make a positive impact at Benedictine University. Engage in interfaith dialogues, volunteer in your community, or explore your own beliefs. Find purpose beyond yourself and become a well-rounded citizen of the world.


Not all college athletics are created equal! Explore Mesa NAIA, Lisle NACC and NCAA Division III programs for a strong athletic experience balanced with academic focus. These programs offer competitive sports, scholarship opportunities, and a chance to excel both on and off the field.

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