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As a student at Benedictine University, you have the opportunity to study abroad almost anywhere in the world. You will transfer credit from foreign institutions back to Benedictine University that will meet requirements for your major, minor or for general education curriculum requirements. You can become fluent in a foreign language or attend universities where all of the coursework is taught in English.

The experience of living, traveling, and studying in another country will benefit you enormously for the rest of your life. You will gain personal independence and self-reliance, intercultural competence, language skills, and memories for a lifetime. This experience will serve you for the rest of your academic career, and as you advance in your career or graduate study.

Cost + Program Length

You can study abroad on programs as short as 10 days with options to spend a summer, semester or entire year abroad. You can work around your athletic season or other calendar concerns.

Study abroad is affordable for all students, and a great investment in yourself. You can use your existing financial aid (Benedictine University scholarships, state and federal scholarships and loans) on many of our programs. We will also help you identify additional scholarships that you can apply for, specifically for studying abroad. These may be based on your field of study, your ethnic heritage, the country you plan to study in, or the language you will study.

Our staff can help you find the perfect program based on your academic interests, your schedule, your comfort level and your financial situation.

To learn more about the study abroad process and opportunities, please email [email protected] to set up an appointment.

“The experience you gain both inside and outside the classroom is amazing. You learn so much not only from the culture, but you also learn about yourself as a person.”

– Nayeli Vazquez

Available Programs

faculty lead study abroad

Faculty Led Programs

Faculty-led programs provide an opportunity for the classroom to go global. Courses are embedded into the experience abroad for a hands-on learning opportunity.


Fee-Based Programs

Choose from a variety of programs in various international locations to immerse yourself in. From Italy to England to Beijing, the options present you with new cultural experiences.

Exchange Programs

Benedictine University has developed exchange programs with institutions around the world. These programs are unique to Benedictine because it allows students to participate in a semester, yearlong or summer program abroad while paying their regular tuition.


Third-Party Provider Programs

Benedictine University works with a number of organizations that offer additional study abroad opportunities for interested students.


“For some, studying abroad is one of the only ways you’ll be able to experience what it’s like to really live in another country and to be able to truly understand the people and the culture of the country you’re in.”

– Jake Kennedy

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