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Digital Marketing Certificate

Digital marketing is and continues to be an in-demand skill set that employers look for in an employee. Listed as a top five hard skill year after year on LinkedIn, those looking to fill positions within the field of Marketing, look for digital marketing skills for roles such as: Media Coordinator, Search Manager, Marketing Analyst and more. In fact, the most in demand occupations within this field by volume of job postings are: Digital Marketing Specialist, Digital Account Executive, Social Media Manager, Digital Marketing Manager and more. Whether you are looking to gain a better understanding of SEO, Google Analytics, Google Adwords or automation, earning a certificate in Digital Marketing will cover what you need to know.

Certificates can be completed as a standalone credential or while pursuing any of our graduate degree programs. All certificates can be completed within one academic year, taken one at a time each 8 week session and are all asynchronous.

The BenU Difference

Digital marketing uses social media platforms to engage your audience—customers, clients, stakeholders—to build your brand. Increased web traffic leads to increased sales. Advertising on various social media platforms is analyzed. Publishing content on social media platforms is considered. Listening to your audience is also examined.

Courses (3 courses = 9 hours)

  • Brand and Marketing Management
  • Advanced Search and Social Media Marketing
  • Advanced Content Marketing, Automation, and Google Analytics

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Upon completion of this program students will have gained:

  • Brand and Marketing Management Enhancement: Deepened understanding of brand and marketing management through exploration of current theory, practice, and trends.
  • Automation and AI in Digital Marketing: Exploring the utilization of automation and AI tools in the digital marketing domain.
  • Strategic Decision-making and Problem-solving Skills Improvement: Enhanced strategic decision-making and problem-solving skills through analysis of business cases showcasing marketing successes and failures of major international brands.

Admission to the Goodwin College Graduate Certificate Programs:

Applicants must demonstrate proof of a baccalaureate degree from a regionally-accredited college or university and must meet with a graduate student success advisor prior to registering and upon completion of the certificate courses. A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.000 in certificate-applicable coursework is required to receive a certificate, with no grade lower than “C.”

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