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Change Management Certificate

Our Change Management certificate is focused on the people side of the organization, covering topics in consulting, the ability to work and improve teams, and understanding the role of the organization development practitioner. Change is taking place every day both in and outside of organizations. Change management enhances effective organizational change by planning for it, managing it, and reinforcing it. Leaders who successfully adopt change drive organizational success and positive outcomes. Our instructors are continually enhancing course materials to bring in current topics, practices, and research that you can immediately put into practice.

Certificates can be completed as a standalone credential or while pursuing any of our graduate degree programs. All certificates can be completed within one academic year, taken one at a time each 8 week session and are all asynchronous.

The BenU Difference

A recent Future of Jobs Report projected that jobs leveraging “human” skills such as training and development, and Organization Development specialists to increase. Change Management will provide knowledge to prepare adults for the world of change. Exposure to the role of consulting, the ability to work and improve teams, and understanding the role of the organization development practitioner will be explored.

Courses (3 courses = 9 hours)

  • Organizational Development
  • Groups and Team Building
  • Organizational Development – Consulting Skills

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Upon completion of this program students will have gained:

  • Organizational Change and Consulting Exploration: Enhanced understanding of organizational change and consulting led by an OD practitioner, including current theory, practice, and trends.
  • Organization Development Intervention Proposal: Ability to structure and propose OD interventions, applying principles and concepts to case studies.
  • Groups, Teams, and Workplace Trends Identification: Ability to define groups and teams and identifying emerging workplace trends.
  • Team Development and Cohesion Building: Ability to assess stages of team development, team building techniques, and methods for fostering cohesion within teams.
  • Ethics and Trust in Consulting: Discussions regarding ethical considerations and trust-building in consulting engagements.

Admission to the Goodwin College Graduate Certificate Programs:

Applicants must demonstrate proof of a baccalaureate degree from a regionally-accredited college or university and must meet with a graduate student success advisor prior to registering and upon completion of the certificate courses. A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.000 in certificate-applicable coursework is required to receive a certificate, with no grade lower than “C.”

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