Ben Beginnings & Bridge to BenU

Welcome Home!

We look forward to welcoming you to the Benedictine University community.

Ben Beginnings

Ben Beginnings is the foundation for new students to build community, learn about being a student at Benedictine, and celebrate you becoming part of Benedictine! We are excited to offer a number of unique and exciting events as part of Ben Beginnings! These are in-person events held at the beginning of the fall semester.

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Bridge to BenU

The Bridge to BenU sessions offer new students the opportunity to prepare for the upcoming year. Sessions will cover important topics about writing at a college level, preparing for math and science courses, opportunities to engage in the campus community, and much more!

Orientation Leaders

Orientation Leaders are undergraduate student leaders selected and trained to assist new students arrival to Benedictine. They act as guides, small group leaders, mentors and resources for new incoming students and parents. They will provide answers to any questions regarding the transition to Benedictine University. 

Orientation Leader Application 2024