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Welcome to the Advising and Licensure information page. The information below provide information on the Illinois licensure process, and all other states’ requirements, for preservice and experienced educators.

Advising Information

The Sequence of Courses in Education Programs

State-by-State Licensure Requirements

State licensure requirements can change at any time. Visiting the state licensing boards in the link below will help ensure you have the current information. Students who intend to return to, relocate to, or currently reside in any state other than Illinois need to review the professional licensure disclosures pertaining to their program and consult with the state licensing board in the state. For a complete state by state listing of licensing information, click the link below. This licensing information will be updated annually in August. In the states where the program is listed as “no determination” an email will be sent to prospective students prior to enrollment.

Additional Materials:

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Candidate Licensure Exam Remediation Process

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