School of Education



Conceptual Framework

The Conceptual Framework of the School of Education at Benedictine University reflects a shared view of what the unit and its partners believe to be the best practices for preparing teacher candidates to deliver instruction and services to students, families, schools, and communities. Benedictine University’s School of Education equips candidates with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that will shape and influence learning through critical thinking, research-based decisions, and best practices. As in integrated whole, the conceptual framework contains the overarching purpose of the unit: to create effective practitioners who are committed to Scholarship, Lifelong Inquiry, Leadership, and Social Responsibility. These outcomes are the critical elements necessary to ensure readiness for every teacher candidate to positively impact student learning through reflective practice. This requires that teacher candidates develop a comprehensive foundation in the knowledge and practice of state and national teaching standards in culturally diverse learning environments. These practices support a system that produces outcomes for teacher candidates to become highly effective practitioners who actively engage with content to promote critical thinking skills, innovatively manage the learning environment, and consistently monitor student progress to adjust curriculum delivery while collaborating with others to positively impact students, the community, and the professional field.

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School of Education Assessment System

The School of Education collects and analyzes data, on an on-going basis, relative to candidate performance and unit operations related to content and pedagogical knowledge (professional and State standards), content and pedagogical performance (clinical practice), instructional planning, candidate impact on student learning, and dispositions (professional, State, and institutional). The purpose of this data collection and analysis is to evaluate the progress of candidates and to improve programs.

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