Student Leadership Opportunities

Leadership skills are meaningful no matter where your education and career journey takes you. In almost any role, you can contribute to improved productivity and positive culture in your organization.

At Benedictine, you can gain leadership experience as an active member of a student organization, through participation in service events, and by taking on responsibilities related to events and activities on campus.

We also have several programs specific to leadership development: Student Senate, Programming Board and Orientation Leaders just to name a few. Come in and chat with the Student Life staff to find a leadership opportunity that works for you!

Orientation Leaders

Orientation Leaders are undergraduate student leaders selected and trained to assist new students arriving at Benedictine. They act as guides, small group leaders, mentors and resources for new incoming students and parents. They will provide answers to any questions regarding the transition to Benedictine University.

Programming Board

The Programming Board’s mission is to enhance the student experience and bring together the Benedictine community by providing student-driven, high quality, social and academic events. As the premier event planning organization on campus, the Programming Board provides students with the opportunity to become involved in the planning, implementation and promotion of events while building leadership skills.

Student Senate

Student Senators are elected and appointed officials that are recognized as the official voice that representing the undergraduate student body at Benedictine University. In that capacity, they engage with university officials, organizations and students to enhance students’ academic and social experience.

Leadership, Empowerment, Action, Development, Service (L.E.A.D.S.)

LEADS is a four-year, co-curricular, transformational program for undergraduates who demonstrate a desire to grow as leaders. The goal of the program is to develop outstanding leaders driven to become agents of change for the good of all. It is based on the principles of benevolent leadership, an emerging model of leadership informed by insights related to ethics and morality, spirituality, vitality and positivity, and community — all qualities of leadership contributing to the common good.

Jo Wilson Leadership Institute

The Jo Wilson Leadership Program was established in an effort to help build and further develop student leadership skills. The program provides a number of events and special activities designed to better help you understand the process of leadership and how your service can make a positive impact on society. Leadership students are expected to uphold the Benedictine Values as well as to grow and expand as leaders within the community.

Scholars Program

Housed in the College of Liberal Arts, Benedictine University’s Scholars Program offers academically talented students from across the University special opportunities to develop their skills as thinkers, readers and writers through a coordinated program of seminar-style coursework that emphasizes discussion and debate about vital intellectual questions. The Program also aims to help its members grow as leaders and global citizens by heightening their understanding of other cultures and encouraging a commitment to socially responsible action.

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