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We invite you to take a moment to celebrate and share the outstanding accomplishments of students, faculty, staff and alumni, while also highlighting the vibrant and engaging activities that enrich the students’ educational journey.

By bragging about achievements and showcasing the dynamic activities on campus, you not only highlight hard work and dedication but also promote the unique and enriching environment BenU provides. Sharing success stories and the fun, educational activities on both campuses inspires others, fosters a sense of pride within our community, and reinforces the exceptional education we offer.

**REMINDER – If you are sharing information or upcoming events on your social media sites – SEND IT TO THE MARKETING TEAM TOO! The main BenU social media accounts have the largest social media audience.  The social media algorithms give priority to posts that are posted directly on our pages than to posts that we share.**

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Quick How-To's (Financials System)

How To: Enter-a-Requisition
How To: Receive-Purchases
How To: Approve-or-Deny-a-Requisition
How To: Assign-an-Alternate-Approver
How To: Cancel-a-Requisition
How To: Reject-Part-of-a-Shipment
How To: Copy-a-Requisition