Business Office

The Business Office

At Benedictine University, the Business Office functions as the central hub for all tuition-related revenue and is the principal steward of student financial account information. Our guiding ethos is twofold: to excel in customer service and to uphold the financial integrity of the university.

Service Excellence:
– Ensuring students receive accurate and timely financial information.
– Providing flexible, competitive financing options, programs, and payment methods that cater to the needs of college students.
– Offering convenient services to all university stakeholders.
– Treating every customer with the utmost respect and dignity.

Financial Stewardship:
– Crafting payment policies that balance student affordability with the university’s financial objectives.
– Minimizing overdue and noncollectible accounts to protect the university’s financial health.
– Monitoring and reporting on student financial trends to influence and inform university policies, promoting both financial sustainability and educational accessibility.

By adhering to these core principles, the Business Office at Benedictine University not only addresses the immediate financial concerns of our students and their families but also ensures the long-term financial stability of the institution. Our commitment to respect, service, and fiscal responsibility creates a supportive and efficient environment for managing the financial aspects of university life.

Tuition and fees not covered by Financial Aid

The Business Office is responsible for the collection of tuition and fees not covered by Financial Aid. Tuition and fees are incurred at the time of registration. Benedictine University sends bills electronically. Each month, a new statement of account is generated and posted to MyBenU. You will receive an email notifying you that a new statement is available. You will receive a statement regardless if you have a payment plan set up. You may also receive a statement and not owe any money to the University. The statement reflects activity that occurred on your account since the last billing cycle (similar to your checking/savings/credit card statements of account).

Because we recognize each student has different needs and unique financial circumstances, we have administrators and staff available to provide tuition counseling for students and families on an individual basis. In general, we have found that individuals who have taken advantage of our staff’s expertise have been able to readily meet their financial obligations to the university. Our goal is to help guide you through the rights and responsibilities of financial aid disbursement and bridge the gap toward your tuition balance.

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