Outside Scholarships

Scholarships are a great way to help pay for your education. Benedictine University has over 75 scholarships that have been established for various reason, but all of them have been established to help meet financial needs of our students. Visit the Scholarships page for more details on how to apply for these scholarships. Additionally, many scholarships are offered by third-party organizations, look through them below.

Organization/Type Application Deadline
CleanItSupply Mareketing and Economics Scholarship 11/21/2014
TicketCity Annual Scholarship Program 12/01/2014
Print Detective Scholarship 12/01/2014
Design A Shirt Scholarship 12/01/2014
Look Twice, Save A Life Scholarship 12/01/2014
College Student Giveback Scholarship 12/01/2014
Disability Awareness Scholarship 12/10/2014
FrontierBundles.com Cyberbullying Awareness Scholarship 12/15/2014
AT&T Internet and Education Scholarship 12/15/2014
The Kewl Shop Fashion Designers Scholarship 12/15/2014
USBundles.com The Future of Google 12/15/2014
CenturyLinkquote.com Google Fiber Scholarship 12/15/2014
Foreclosure Scholarship Program 12/15/2014
Therapy Professionals Scholarship 12/15/2014
Consumer Advantages of Custom Furniture Scholarship 12/15/2014
Consumer Advantages of Custom Jewelry Scholarship 12/15/2014
Verizonspecials Infographic Scholarship 12/15/2014
Minority Teachers of Illinois (MTI) Scholarship Program 12/19/2014
Annual College Student of America Scholarship 12/20/2014
BrokerFish 2015 Scholarship
Best Price Nutrition & Health Scholarship 12/31/2014
DietSpotlight.com Scholarship 12/31/2014
ACLS Medical Training Scholarship 12/31/2014
Done Plumbing and Heating Scholarship 12/31/2014
DataTech Labs - Disguise your External Hard Drive Scholarship 12/31/2014
Law Offices of Adam D. Perlmutter’s $3,500 Scholarship Contest 12/31/2014
Disguise your External Hard Drive Scholarship Contest 12/31/2014
Auto Accident Survivor Scholarship 12/31/2014
Nursing Education Scholarship 01/10/2015
Express Metrix IT Asset Management Scholarship 01/15/2015
FNSNA Undergraduate Nursing 01/16/2015
The Levin Firm Scholarship 01/31/2015
Siemens Merit Scholarship


Medical Student Scholarship


B.Davis Scholarship 05/25/2015
LM Scholarship Program 05/31/2015
Abbot & Fenner Scholarship Program 06/15/2015
Big Sun Athletic Scholarship 06/19/2015
Scholarship for the Seriously Injured 06/30/2015
Majux 2015 Marketing Scholarship 07/30/2015
Scholarship for Dog Lovers 08/31/2015
Panrimo Study Abroad Scholarships Varies
Fifth Month Scholarship Varies
Scholarship by Design Award Varies
United Realty Students Scholarship Varies
All About Education Scholarship Varies
GMR Transcription College Academic Scholarship Varies
The LunaMetrics Scholarship Varies
The Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowships Varies
DOMO Scholarship For Business Management Varies
Business Scholarship Search Varies
Fastweb Scholarship Search Varies
Adventures in Education Scholarship Search Varies
Cappex Scholarships Varies
Scholarship Expert Varies
Army ROTC Scholarship Varies
Scholarship America Varies
Scholarships 123 Varies
Blogging Scholarship Varies
US Bank Scholarship Varies
Varsity Tutors College Scholarship Varies
Vacation Roost Scholarship Varies
ASCO Numatics Scholarship Varies
LatPro Scholarship Varies
Diversity Jobs Scholarship Varies
Just Jobs Scholarship Varies
Cheap Auto Insurance Commercial Video Scholarship Varies
Campus Discovery Scholarship Varies
New Beginning Scholarship Varies
Sell Used Books Essay Contest Varies
MyBookBuyer Varies
ATT Savings Scholarship Varies
Navy Medicine Professional Development Center Varies
US Direct Scholarship Varies
Talbots Scholarship Foundation 01/03/2014
The Conservation Foundation Environmental Scholarship 02/03/2014
Diversifying Higher Education Faculty (Graduate Students) 02/17/2014
Buick Achievers Scholarship Program 02/28/2014
Minority Teachers of Illinois (MTI) Scholarship Program 03/01/2014
Angeline Gale Memorial Scholarship 03/01/2014
Disability Determination Process (DDP) Small Grant Program 03/01/2014
Frame My Future Scholarship 03/05/2014
Fashion and Jewelry Industry Scholarship Program 03/15/2014
Odenza Marketing Group Spring Scholarship 03/30/2014
GetinBusiness.com 03/31/2014
FreeLegalAid.com 03/31/2014
MissionVacation.com 03/31/2014
TechLawLLP.com 03/31/2014
Conference of Women Legislators Scholarship 03/31/2014
Association for Women in Communications 03/31/2014
Peter Pasula Study Habits Scholarship 04/01/2014
Oz Moving & Storage Scholarship 04/04/2014
Sports Unlimited 2014 Scholarship 04/20/2014
Revzilla "The Future of Motorcycle Technology" Scholarship 04/20/2014
Emergency University Scholarship 04/30/2014
Sunoco Inc Marketing Scholarship 05/01/2014
AWeber Email Marketing Scholarship 05/01/2014
Griswold Home Care Scholarship 05/01/2014
Find A Law Scholarship 05/15/2014
AmeriQuest Traffic Safety Scholarship 05/16/2014
Big Fish Online Games Scholarship 05/31/2014
IL Dept of Public Health Center for Rural Health 05/31/2014
Deals.ServiceBundles.com Infogrphic Scholarship 06/22/2014
Deals.ServiceBundles Scholarship 06/22/2014
Century Link Internet Support 06/22/2014
ATTsavings.com Internet and Education Scholarship 06/22/2014
Spring 2014 Spokeo Connections Scholarship 07/01/2014
Polish Women's Civic Club, Inc. 07/01/2014
CEO of Tomorrow Scholarship 07/01/2014
Fall 2014 Spokeo Connections Scholarship 07/01/2014
Construction and Engineering Scholarship 07/12/2014
Weekly Cash Scholarship 07/28/2014
Storage Scholarship 07/31/2014
College Prowler Scholarship 07/31/2014
Tutor the People Essay Scholarship 07/31/2014
Inspirational Basketball Student-Athlete Scholarship 08/10/2014
InternetProviders.com Scholarship
Boomer Benefits Scholarship 08/15/2014
Race Entry Student Scholarship 08/15/2014
Xero 2014 Accounting, Economics or Finance Scholarship 08/30/2014
Scholarship Points 08/31/2014
Arctic Physical Therapy Scholarship 08/31/2014
Global Trade Specialists Scholarship Contest 08/31/2014
FLEX Scholar Essay Contest 09/30/2014
Odenza Marketing Group Scholarship 09/30/2014
Campus Discovery "Advice to Your High School Self" Scholarship 09/30/2014
The Language Learning Scholarship 09/30/2014
Legal Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship
The Peter Leeds Stock Trading Scholarship 10/01/2014
AES Scholarship 10/06/2014
Pertino IT Innovation Scholarship
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