Writing Excellence Award Recipients

Jan 25, 2024 | College of Liberal Arts, News, Student Life

Writing Excellence Award Recipients Fall 2023

On January 24, 2024, 19 Benedictine University students received the Writing Excellence Award at a ceremony on the Lisle campus. This award is a marker of achievement for undergraduate and graduate student writers and those faculty sponsors who supported their writing projects in the Fall 2023 semester. The range of award-winning writing projects hints at the complex interests of student writers at Benedictine University.

Fall 2023 Writing Excellence Award Winners

Amina Ahmad, “Predator vs. Prey” (cultural analysis) – faculty sponsor: Prof. Gregory Ott

Fatima Akhoon, “Jewish Views on Abortion” (research paper) – faculty sponsor: Prof. Bernarr Newman

Fatima Akhoon, “Characterization of Phage Plattie: A lytic phage adopted from an apple tree soil sample” (lab report) – faculty sponsor: Dr. Tiara Perez Morales

Victoria Alvarado, “Vibrio cholerae and biofilm formation by BipA regulation at different temperatures” (lab report) – faculty sponsor: Dr. Tiara Perez Morales

Katie Brill, “Life and Worth” (argument proposal) – faculty sponsor: Prof. Beth Sitter

Kristen Cerney, “Healthy or Harmful? Romantic Relationships with Artificial Intelligence” (argumentative paper) – faculty sponsor: Dr. Jean-Marie Kauth

Huda Fatima, “Anselm and Descartes on the Ontological Argument for the Existence of God” (argument of existence) – faculty sponsor: Dr. Steven Burgess

Li Holley, “Sensory Machines” (analytical essay) – faculty sponsor: Prof. Gregory Ott

Danielle Holtz, “I Resent My K-12 Education, But Future Students Do Not Have To” (argument paper) – faculty sponsor: Dr. Jean-Marie Kauth

Sandra Labib, “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall” (research paper) – faculty sponsor: Dr. David Beran

Anna Lakomiak, “Double-Meaning and Dehumanization” (cultural analysis) – faculty sponsor: Prof. Gregory Ott

Hannah Loftus, “Stuck in the Dark” (narrative essay) – faculty sponsor: Dr. Wendy Ward

Anthony Pena, Advertising Analysis Essay – faculty sponsor: Prof. Beth Sitter

Vanessa Raketic, “Therese Lisieux on the Concept of Littleness” (close reading and commentary) – faculty sponsor: Dr. Rita George-Tvrtkovic

Isabel Rossi, “Investigating the ecological microclimates of Benedictine University Campus” (lab report) – faculty sponsor: Dr. Leigh Anne Harden

Madeline Russelburg, “Host Infection Cycle of Canine Parvovirus” (lab report) – faculty sponsor: Dr. Tiara Perez Morales

Delaney Schretter, “Descartes: Doubt, Deception, and Dualism” (philosophy reflection) – faculty sponsor: Dr. Steven Burgess

Karlee Stuiber¸ “The Crew” (autoethnographic essay) – faculty sponsor: Prof. Gregory Ott

Hajira Syeda, “Analysis of the Circulating Frequency of CD8+ Memory Stem Cells in Acquired Aplastic Anemia” (literature review) – faculty sponsor: Dr. Tiara Perez Morales

Langston Walton, “Gun Violence” (argument proposal) – faculty sponsor: Prof. Beth Sitter


Congratulations to all of the award recipients!


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