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Lisle Campus Safety

Purpose Statement

Campus Safety strives to provide a safe and secure living, learning and working environment. Our members will continue to build partnerships and serve the campus community with integrity, professionalism and compassion. We embrace our role in providing an equitable, diverse, and inclusive space for students, faculty, staff and guests to pursue their passion.

walkway between Kindlon and Goodwin on the Lisle campus with gray film over picture

Our Values

We recognize our students, faculty and staff are our most important customers.

  • We show empathy and compassion for victims of crime.
  • We exercise integrity in the authority that has been bestowed upon us.
  • We best serve the campus community by empowering our employees to fulfill their responsibilities with knowledge and professionalism.
  • We continue to build diverse partnerships with student, faculty and staff organizations.
  • We will lead our organization by following the highest standards and best practices.
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Student Cadets

Benedictine Campus Safety Student Cadets are a group of specially selected and trained students who provide safety escorts for students, faculty and staff. They complete cursory checks of campus parking lots, buildings and grounds; answer calls and log call information in the University Dispatch; unlock residence hall rooms and academic buildings; assist with community policing events and ride along with Campus Safety officers during shifts.

While on duty, cadets carry two-way radios to report suspicious activity to Campus Safety. Cadets assist with checking emergency call boxes throughout campus, making sure they are in good working order. They also support Campus Safety and the entire campus community at athletic and academic events, educational awareness programs, parking details and through the Benedictine Campus Safety Cadet Escort Program.

The cadet is a paid position with work hours spanning from 7:00-2:00 a.m., Sunday-Saturday. To apply for a position as a cadet, send an email of interest to Assistant Director Debra Vanderploeg at [email protected] and a member of Campus Safety will contact you if a position is available.

Lisle Campus
filling out forms

Forms and Reporting

Below is a list of Campus Safety forms currently available in PDF format or online.

For PDF forms, please type the information in the form fields, save the file to your computer and attach the form to an email and send to #[email protected]. If the form requires your signature, please print the form and bring it to the Campus Safety office in the lower level of the parking garage or scan and submit the form via email.

Silent Witness Report Form

The SILENT WITNESS REPORT FORM allows for the anonymous reporting of crime on campus to Campus Safety.  When you use the SILENT WITNESS REPORT FORM, the only thing we receive is the information reported. We do not know who the sender is, as the system is designed to block out email addresses.

If you observed someone commit a crime on campus or are thinking about reporting a misdeed, but do not want to become involved, you can submit an anonymous message to us at the bottom of this webpage by completing the SILENT WITNESS REPORT FORM.

You can maintain your anonymity and be civically responsible in reporting crimes, misdeeds, parking complaints, traffic complaints or other issues, and provide any comments/suggestions to Campus Safety by completing the SILENT WITNESS REPORT FORM.

If you are involved in or are a bystander to a crime, there are several resources and options available. You may report the crime anonymously by completing the SILENT WITNESS REPORT FORM.

*In addition to reporting to Campus Safety, crimes of gender-based violence (including sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking) can be reported anonymously to Title IX. Visit the Title IX webpage or PEACE Team webpage for more information on resources and options. Any gender-based violence crimes that are reported, in good faith, will not be subject to alcohol or drug violations of our student Code of Conduct.

When you use the Silent Witness report, the only thing we receive is the information reported. We do not know who the sender is, as the system is designed to block out email addresses.

Please keep in mind that in order for Campus Safety to protect the campus community and send out emergency notifications, we will need to know some basic information.

Please provide the following:

  • Location of the sexual misconduct crime,
  • Date of the sexual misconduct crime,
  • Time of day,
  • Description of the incident,
  • Description or name of the perpetrator,
  • Is the person still a threat to you?
  • Is the person still on campus?
  • Is there any physical evidence (video, clothing, bedding)?
  • Name(s) of witness(es) or bystander(s) and ability to contact them if applicable.
Silent Witness Report Form - Lisle

Emergency Preparedness

In the event of a campus-wide, natural or man-made disaster, information will be communicated to our students, faculty, staff, parents and friends in a number of ways to get the most current and accurate information out quickly.

The University’s Emergency Response and Recovery Team (ERRT) encourages everyone to read the Emergency Response Plans and be familiar with your roles and responsibilities in preparing for an emergency.

Visit the Emergency Preparedness site for more Information

For Emergencies, dial 911

Parking Garage, Lower Level
5720 College Rd.
Lisle, IL 60532
Non-Emergency: (630) 829-6122