Pre-Health Dual Acceptance

with Midwestern University

Benedictine University and Midwestern University

have joined forces to provide dual admission programs for students who would like to be accepted into optometry or pharmacy school directly out of high school. The Dual Acceptance Program (DAP) permits students to complete their prerequisite requirements at Benedictine University, then transition into Midwestern University’s Chicago College of Optometry or Chicago College of Pharmacy to begin a doctoral program at Midwestern University. These students are guaranteed a seat in the college if they continue to meet specific academic and extracurricular criteria.

Chicago College of Pharmacy (CCP)

If you are a high school senior or first-year college freshman and are motivated to become a pharmacist, then the Early Assurance Programs with Midwestern University may be ideal for you.

This program offer you the opportunity to gain an early acceptance into Midwestern University’s College of Pharmacy, Downers Grove Campus (CPDG) and complete your prerequisite courses at Benedictine University in a two-year timeframe. If you fulfill all program requirements, then you may enjoy these benefits:

  • Your seat at Midwestern University CPDG is assured in our three-year pharmacy curriculum.
    • With two years of pre-pharmacy coursework, plus three years of pharmacy education, you could earn a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree in just five years.
  • Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) is not required
  • Interview completed during the initial admissions process
  • Ongoing support from a dedicated CPDG faculty mentor during pre-pharmacy coursework
  • Free abbreviated PharmCAS application required in the fall before transfer into MWU
  • Letters of Recommendation are not required

Shadowing a pharmacist is strongly recommended.

Download a copy of the program requirements & prerequisite courses here

All students must apply to Benedictine University and complete the DAP admission process at Midwestern.

Chicago College of Optometry (CCO)

The Dual Acceptance Program (DAP) is an early acceptance program for selected students who successfully complete the specified pre-optometry coursework.

This program is available to high school students who apply by March 1 of their senior year of high school and students who have recently enrolled at Benedictine University.

Benefits of the DAP:

  • Provides for an excellent foundation in pre-optometry education.
  • Sets out a clear road map for which courses to take and when.
  • Exempts the student from the Optometry Admissions Test (OAT) and associated fees.
  • Exempts the student from the OptomCAS application process and associated fees.
  • Guarantees entry to MWU CCO well in advance with successful completion of all program requirements.

Shadowing an optometrist is strongly recommended.

All students must apply to Benedictine University and complete the DAP admission process at Midwestern.

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