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The Office of Institutional Research provides senior administrators and the Benedictine community with data used in managing the University, strategic planning and decision-making. As a service office, Institutional Research coordinates reporting to both internal and external agencies and seeks to broaden the general knowledge of the University and its activities.



  • Develops collaborative, respectful partnerships with all constituents in which active listening, communication and feedback enhance the mission of the University
  • Serves as the official reporting office for the institution
  • Collects, defines, maintains and preserves institutional data
  • Provides data analysis to inform executive decision-making and strategic planning activities
  • Responds to federal and state-mandated reporting requirements as well as requests from other external agencies
  • Facilitates program review by providing data
  • Supports systematic University-wide participation in strategic planning, implementation and reporting
  • Enables ease of access to data and reports for the members of the University community
  • Maintains a cycle of regular institutional studies, surveys, reports and summaries

Retention, Graduation Rate + Transfer Out Rate

First-time, Full-time Undergraduate

First Year Retention Rate – 69%

6-Year Graduation Rate – 51%

Transfer Out Rate – 1%


Master’s 6-Year Graduation Rate – 72%

Data for Undergraduate and Graduate Level Students After Graduation

Employment and Graduate School Enrollment Rates for Undergraduate and Graduate

In 2022, 70% of our Alumni six months after graduation reported that they are either working full-time (30 hours or more) or enrolled in Graduate School full-time. Full-time Employment is 33%; Full-time Graduate School is 37%.


In 2022, 50% are employed Full-time (30 hours or more).

Phil Anthony
Sr. Research Data Analyst
(630) 829-6626
[email protected]

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