South Asian Extended Education Program

Benedictine University’s commitment to extending educational access to students across South Asia, with a special focus on nations like India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh, is truly transformative. The presence of a dedicated in-country manager underscores the university’s dedication to fostering smooth interactions and supporting students in exploring their educational passions in the United States.

Our emphasis on STEM-focused graduate programs, featuring Master’s degrees in fields like Business Analytics, Molecular & Cellular Biology, and Integrative Physiology, underscores our reputation for delivering top-tier education. Additionally, programs such as Public Health and Clinical Psychology further demonstrate BenU’s dedication to preparing students for prosperous careers.

At the undergraduate level, BenU provides STEM-designated programs in disciplines ranging from Computer Science and Data Science to Business Analytics, Biology, and Biochemistry/Molecular Biology. This broad spectrum of offerings caters to a variety of interests and career goals.

Furthermore, BenU’s strategic location in Lisle, Illinois, just 25 miles west of Downtown Chicago, grants students access to national laboratories, Fortune 100 companies, and diverse cultural experiences. This advantageous positioning maximizes opportunities for hands-on learning and exposure to real-world applications of knowledge. BenU offers an outstanding environment for academic advancement, enriched by cultural and spiritual experiences. Situated in the third largest city in the US, students benefit from a plethora of opportunities that foster both personal and academic growth.

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Meet Our India Country Manager

If you are an international student from South Asia (India, Nepal, Bangladesh or Sri Lanka), contact our India Country Manager or submit the request for information form for help with applying to Benedictine University.

Durga Adhimulam
India Country Manager
Email: [email protected]

Call/Text/WhatsApp: +91 72004 63266
Located: Hyderabad, India