Susan Yazdanmehr, MD, MPH

Susan Yazdanmehr, MD, MPH


Office Location: Birck 348

Susan Yazdanmehr (2023), M.D., M.P.H.
Instructor, Public Health

M.D. 1998, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences
M.P.H. 2011, Benedictine University

Susan Yazdanmehr, MD, MPH is an interdisciplinary educationist who has taught for the Benedictine University since 2010 as a faculty member at the College of Science and Health for both Department of Biology and the MPH program. Dr. Yazdanmehr holds a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree with clinical training in her country of origin and in the United States in areas of general medicine and family practice. Her U.S. graduate studies in public health are focused on Health Management and Policy, Health Education and Promotion, and Global Health Practices. As an Assistant Professor of Medical Education, Clinical Skills, and Public Health, she has contributed to the educational experiences of many professional learners in Medical School, Master of Public Health, and Master of Science in Community Medicine programs. Her public health instructional and educational content development expertise is focused on One Health, Environmental Medicine, Leadership in Community Medicine, Environmental Health, Biological Aspects of Public Health, Epidemiology, Community Health Assessment and Analysis, Global Health, Methods of Research, Social Determinants of Health, Health Behavior, and Health Education and Promotion. Dr. Yazdanmehr’s current research interest is in topics of maternal and child health. She has PubMed publication and poster presentations on various aspects of COVID and on health disparity.