Jon Colby Swanson, PhD

Jon Colby Swanson, PhD

Public Health


Emeritus – Public Health

The Dr. Jon Colby Swanson Endowed MPH Scholarship is available to students at Benedictine University. You must be enrolled in the Master of Public Health program and have minimum GPA of 3.0 to be eligible for this award.

Jon Colby Swanson retired in summer the summer of 2007. He donated his files, papers, correspondence, and other materials created throughout the course of his professorships to Archives & Special Collections (ASC).

ASC (located in the Benedictine University Library) is charged with preserving and making available materials that document the historical record of the university. The materials donated by professors not only sustains and preserves their own legacies, but the legacy of the university itself. Once these collections have been processed and made available for viewing, they can be used by classes, local researchers, and anyone interested in what life as a professor was like in the 20th century.