John Mickus, PhD

John Mickus, PhD

Biological Sciences


John C. Mickus – Biological Sciences 1978 – 2011

Physiology Chair 1986 -1990
Chair again 1997 – 1999
Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences 1999 – 2005
Dean of College of Liberal Arts 2005 – 2006.

A member of the faculty of Benedictine (Illinois Benedictine College) since 1978, Dr. Mickus maintained a passion for teaching and learning for more than 30 years. His reputation and commitment to teaching of science resulted in numerous state and national grants. As a proponent of environmental causes, he conducted numerous presentations on matters pertaining to global issues of water and sustainability at campus forums.

As Dean of the College of Science, Dr. Mickus promoted the use of lecture recording technology. Upon his return to the classroom, he implemented the use of technology as a means to promote student interaction.

For those who knew him, Dr. Mickus was an individual committed to students, colleagues, and the Benedictine community. His love for teaching extended beyond the classroom. During his longtime career, he served as Chair of the Natural Science Division, Director of the Scholars Program, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, and as Director of the Master of Science in Science Content and Process. He was a recognized leader, teacher, administrator, and colleague to all and was awarded Professor Emeritus status upon retirement.

John Mickus, Ph.D. began as an Associate Professor at Illinois Benedictine College in 1978. Over the next 33 years he would climb the ranks of Professor, Program Director, Department Chair and even Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences until he retired as Professor Emeritus in 2011.

While he attributes Benedictine University’s legacy of excellence in the sciences to the facilities, small classes and student-oriented faculty, he credits the students for building up the reputation. “I am very proud of the students I have taught. They are good people who have become successful in whatever they have set their minds to do. I have talked to many alumni whose paths led them to careers they could never have expected when they were in college. Hopefully they realize that they received a strong education at the university and they were well prepared to meet the demand of these degree programs and life’s demands in general.”

Dr. Mickus passed away on March 16, 2023.