James M. Meehan, PhD

James M. Meehan, PhD



Emeritus – Mathematics

Dr. Jim Meehan, a beloved figure at Benedictine University, touched the campus on multiple levels: as a student, an educator, and a generous benefactor. He joined the faculty in 1971, even after retirement continuing to volunteer as a math tutor, his dedication shining through.

His connection to athletics ran deep. In his years as an undergrad, he participated in intramurals, even embarking on an unforgettable train journey to support the men’s basketball team – a journey that ended with a blizzard stranding them and the game relocated, but not his enthusiasm. He continued this passion on faculty teams and local softball leagues, and for several years, kept the scorebook for the Benedictine men’s basketball team.

Dr. Meehan’s academic journey was impressive. After earning his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from St. Procopius College in 1966, he pursued advanced degrees: a Master of Science in Mathematics from Marquette University (1968), a Master of Science in Statistics from Purdue University (1971), and finally, a Doctor of Arts from the University of Illinois/Chicago (1984). He credited his early success to the dedicated faculty at Procopius.

He loved teaching, but his generosity extended beyond the classroom. He organized study sessions for students interested in actuarial science, helping many pass the first two exams. Dr. Meehan’s legacy is one of deep impact, leaving a mark on generations of students and leaving the Benedictine community richer for his presence.

Dr. Meehan passed away on June 10, 2010.