Edward Ferroni, PhD

Edward Ferroni, PhD

Chemistry and Biochemistry


Emeritus – Chemistry/Biochemistry

BenU faculty starting 1985
Professor, Chemistry
Biochemistry and Chemistry

Ph.D. – Indiana University School of Medicine (1983)
B.S. – Wheeling College (1975)

Courses Taught
Principles of Biochemistry, Biochemistry, Intermediary Metabolism, Protein Biochemistry Laboratory

Awards and Recognition:

  • College of Science Dean’s Award for Service, 2007
  • College of Science Dean’s Award for Leadership, 2010
  • College of Science Dean’s Award for Teaching, 2011

Research Area:
Organophosphate ester synthesis; chemistry of rabbit muscle aldolase

Research Grants and Funding:
National Science Foundation Major Research Instrumentation (NSF-MRI).  Principle Investigator.
Acquisition of an Isothermal Calorimeter, $52,500 + $ 17,500 matching funds, 2000 – 2003.

Professional Activities:
Member, American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB)

Research Students:

  • Timothy Murray, BMB major
  • Estefania Garcia, Chemistry
  • Owais Hameed, 2013, BMB
  • Anam Siddiqui, 2013, BMB
  • Jacob Zwart, 2012, Chemistry
  • Ryan Mathew, 2011, Health Science
  • Ankit Parikh, 2011, BMB
  • Nida Akhter , 2010, Biology
  • Anam Arshad, 2010, Health Science
  • Jessica Jarosz, 2010, BMB
  • Ruel Mendoza, 2010, BMB
  • Syeda Ali, 2009, BMB
  • Haley Lewis, 2009, BMB
  • Megan Nakra, 2009, Health Science
  • Rana Salem, 2009, Biochemistry
  • Caroline Venta, 2009, Chemistry
  • Saroj Banga, 2008, Molecular Biology
  • Alan Rich, 2008, Health Science
  • Mark Sabino, 2008, Chemistry
  • Neal Andruska, 2007, Biochemistry
  • Abida Banu, 2006, Biochemistry
  • Bridget Banach, 2005, Biochemistry
  • Gustavo Gomez, 2005, Biochemistry
  • David Mullan, 2005, Biochemistry
  • Brian Hamilton, 2004, Biochemistry
  • Jonathan Renn, 2004, Biochemistry
  • Thomas Ruginis , 2003, Molecular Biology

(Note that student authors are bolded.)


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