E. Michael Winkler, PhD

E. Michael Winkler, PhD

Chemistry and Biochemistry


Emeritus – Chemistry/Biohemistry

Edward Winkler, Ph.D., earned a doctorate in Analytical Chemistry from Kansas State in 1973 and began teaching chemistry and biochemistry at Benedictine in 1979. As chair of the department, he initiated the implementation of micro-scale techniques in the organic chemistry labs to reduce waste streams.

Winkler also added a number of courses to the chemistry and biochemistry curriculum, including an introductory General Chemistry I course to assist students who were not prepared for the rigors of a general chemistry course during their first semester.

Winkler, a Naperville resident, plans to return to the classroom, but as a student, not as a teacher. “I’d like to audit some college courses, but not in science,” Winkler said in 2014. “I’d like to sit in on some courses in English and history. I’ve been away from them too long.”