Brooks Maki, PhD

Brooks Maki, PhD

Assistant Professor

Phone: 630-829-1353
Office Location: Birck 325

BenU Faculty since 2017
Ph.D. – Northwestern University, 2009
B.A. – Gustavus Adolphus College, 2004

Courses Taught
Organic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry Laboratory, Medicinal Chemistry, Reactions Mechanisms, Organic Synthesis, Inorganic Chemistry

Research Area
Organic chemistry, synthetic chemistry, catalysis, nucleophilic fluorination, medicinal chemistry


Current Research Projects:
Project 1 – Pyrrole library synthesis. Inspired by the biosynthesis of pyrroles, our lab seeks to synthetically access libraries of these small molecules with the larger goal of exploring the medicinal potential of this class of known bioactive compounds. The syntheses are achieved through an Achmatowitz / Paal-Knorr strategy, allowing access to high yields and a variety of structures.

Project 2 – New compounds for nucleophilic fluorination. Fluorine is a commonly used isostere in medicinal and polymer chemistry, and it can have profound effects on stability, activity, and the physical properties of chemical compounds. Our research is focused on developing new ways of introducing fluorine to organic compounds under safe, mild conditions.

Summer Research:

Brooks Maki, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Physical Sciences
[email protected]

Research Area
Synthesis of potentially bioactive pyrrole-containing natural products

This project is focused on developing chemical reactions that will allow the synthesis of a select group of small organic molecules (2-formylpyrroles) which are known to have a broad range of biological effects including liver protection and antioxidant activity. Students will gain knowledge of synthetic planning, organic chemistry reactions, laboratory techniques for setting up, evaluating and purifying the products of chemical reactions. Research would be in-person at Benedictine University.