Alan Gorr, PhD

Alan Gorr, PhD

Public Health


Emeritus – Public Health

Dr. Alan Gorr, Professor Emeritus of Public Health at Benedictine University, is a distinguished scholar and author with a significant impact on the scientific community. He has penned and co-authored numerous publications with national and international reach, and his expertise is often sought for peer review at reputable professional journals.

Dr. Gorr’s active affiliations with various societies and academies across the globe demonstrate his extensive network and influence. Throughout his career, he has earned esteemed recognition from renowned subject experts and prestigious awards for his valuable contributions to the field.

A prominent area of Dr. Gorr’s research focuses on “9/11 Ten Years Later: Bioterrorism Preparedness, Then vs Now,” examining the evolution of preparedness measures in the wake of this pivotal event. His insights in this critical domain have made a lasting impression on the scientific community.