Safe Space

This program aims to help faculty/staff develop the necessary knowledge, skills, and resources to make our campus more welcoming and inclusive to LGBTQ+ individuals and communities.

Become a Safe Space Ally


What is Safe Space?

“We work to be a community characterized by the highest standards of empathy and opposition to all forms of hatred. We welcome LGBTQ+ persons with sincerity of heart and generosity.”

Benedictine University offers a gender neutral, single stall bathroom on the second floor of Goodwin Hall. Students who would like to request keycard access to use it can do so by emailing Marc Davidson, Director of Student Affairs at [email protected].

Program + Directory

After the first campus-wide Teach-In on Social Justice in Spring 2017, a group of faculty and staff began developing a Safe Space Ally Training Program. This program aims to help faculty/staff develop the necessary knowledge, skills, and resources to make our campus more welcoming and inclusive to LGBTQ+ individuals and communities.

In November 2017, we hosted our first Safe Space Ally Training session with the help of the chief diversity officer at St. Norbert College. Out of this program, 20 individuals became designated “Safe Space Allies.” In the Spring and Summer of 2018, a group of committed BenU faculty, staff, and students developed our own training program, inspired by the program at St. Norbert College and adapted to the needs of our campus. We hosted a second Safe Space Ally Training session in August 2018, giving another 20 individuals the opportunity to become designated allies.

Click through the different buildings on campus where you will find Safe Space Allies. These community members participated in a two-hour Safe Space Ally Training 101 session and have signed a contract indicating their commitment to being a safe, supportive presence for any member of the community. Their office has a Safe Space Ally sticker, indicating that the space is open to anyone in need of a safe environment.

Are you looking for a Safe Space Ally? Search by building below.

Birck Hall

  • Pilar Charmoli, Deans Assistant, College of Science and Health
    Birck 348A, [email protected]
  • Anthony Delegge, Professor, Mathematically and Computational Sciences
    Birck 217, [email protected]
  • Leigh Anne Harden, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences
    Birck 342, [email protected]
  • Manu Kaur,  Professor, Mathematical and Computational Sciences
    Birck 123, [email protected]
  • Robert McCarthy, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
    Birck 336, [email protected]
  • Karen Mulacek, Coordinator, College of Science and Health
    Birck 348, [email protected]
  • Regina Schurman, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences
    Birck 132, [email protected]
  • Stefan Stefanoski, Assistant Professor, Chemistry/Biochemistry
    Birck 351, [email protected]
  • Karly Tumminello, Director/Curator, Jurica-Suchy Nature Museum
    Birck 229, [email protected]
  • Matt Wiesner, Associate Professor, Physics and Engineering
    Birck 326, [email protected]
  • Ellen Ziliak, Associate Professor, Mathematical and Computational Sciences
    Birck 126, [email protected]

Goodwin Hall

  • Karen Campana-Schaller, Chief Enrollment and Retention Officer
    Goodwin 465, [email protected]
  • Steve Delmagori, Academic Advisor, College of Science and Health
    Goodwin 282, [email protected]
  • Julie Dockery, Associate Provost, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
    Goodwin 483, [email protected]
  • Sarah Dunne, Academic Advisor, College of Education and Health Services
    Goodwin 281, [email protected]
  • Jennifer Jeschke, Assistant Director, Graduate Admissions
    Goodwin 261, [email protected]
  • Rob Rebman, Assistant Professor, Undergraduate Business
    Goodwin 169, [email protected]

Kindlon Hall of Learning

  • Carol Allen, Campus Ministry, Coordinator of Retreats, Faith Formation and Liturgy
    Kindlon 413, [email protected]
  • Wilson Chen, Director, Intercultural Education and Professor, English Language and Literature
    Kindlon 267, [email protected]
  • Elaine Davies, Director, Academic Accommodations and Accessibility
    Kindlon 310, [email protected]
  • Cheryl Mascarenhas, Dean College of Science and Health
    Kindlon 259, [email protected]
  • Alison Ridge, Associate Professor, Nursing and Health; Program Director, Master of Science in Nursing Program
    Kindlon 246, [email protected]

Krasa Student Center

  • Harold Watson, Director of Student Activities & Recreational Sports/Camps
    Krasa 113, [email protected]

Lownik Hall

  • Ruth Foltz,  Transfer Credit Evaluator, Registrar’s Office
    Lownik 121, [email protected]

Scholl Hall

  • Christopher Birks, Associate Professor, Communications Arts
    Scholl 169, [email protected]
  • Tammy Sarver, Professor, Political Science and Title IX Coordinator
    Scholl 228L, [email protected]
  • Pat Somers, Assistant Professor, Psychology and Director of Intercultural Education
    Scholl 228C, [email protected]

Neff Center

  • Peter Huff, Chief Mission Officer and Professor, Theology
    Neff 102, [email protected]

Rice Center

  • Matt Saey, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Athletics
    Rice Center 143, [email protected]

Parking Garage

  • Michi Dubes, Emergency Preparedness Manager and Safety Specialist
    Parking Garage A132, [email protected]

Mesa Campus

  • Julie Cowgill, Assistant Provost, Professor, Criminal Justice
    Gillett Hall 230, [email protected]
  • Maria Granic, Associate Professor, Language and Literature
    Gillett Hall 227, [email protected]

Safe Space Ally Program Committee

Marc DavidsonCommittee Chair, Director of Student Affairs, [email protected]

Carol Allen, Coordinator of Retreats, Faith Formation and Liturgy, [email protected]

Carrie Ankeny, Director of Campus Ministry, [email protected]

Steven Burgess,  Assistant Professor of Philosophy, [email protected]

Wilson Chen, Professor of Languages and Literature, [email protected]

Peter Huff, Chief Mission Officer, Professor of Theology, [email protected]

Laura Markun, Enterprise Applications Business Analyst, [email protected]