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Theology plays a vital role in the quest for an integration of all knowledge

Theology plays a vital role in the quest for an integration of all knowledge, and in the dialogue between faith and reason.

When you choose to study theology at Benedictine University, you will enrich your understanding of the Christian tradition and its encounter with other religions. You will also improve your critical thinking, writing, teamwork, ethics, empathy, and interfaith competence, all of which will enhance your performance in any field.

As a theology major or minor, you will also become part of the Catholic Benedictine tradition of a broad, integrative liberal arts education that encourages lifelong learning. You will receive personal guidance from distinguished faculty dedicated to helping you flourish as an intellectual, a professional, a world citizen, and a whole person who lives life in balance.

A Theology BA Opens Doors to a World of Opportunities

Studying theology at Benedictine is unique because we are a Catholic university with exceptional religious diversity. Here you will study, live, work, and recreate alongside Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, and more. Every encounter, whether inside or outside the classroom, is an opportunity for interreligious dialogue. Inspired by the Second Vatican Council document Nostra Aetate, which encourages working towards good relations between all religions, our study of Christian theology is ever attuned to our current interreligious context.

Embrace Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Benedictine University’s theology program is more than just a curriculum; it’s a vibrant community of scholars, each seeking to deepen their understanding of faith, reason, and the human experience. Engage with fellow students, participate in stimulating discussions, and forge lifelong connections that will enrich your academic and personal journey.

Theology, by its very nature, transcends boundaries, fostering dialogue and collaboration between various disciplines. Our program encourages you to approach the study of religion from a holistic perspective, drawing insights from history, philosophy, psychology, and other fields to enrich your understanding of the human experience.

Majors take 12 courses, including Theological Methods and Senior Thesis, where you can explore a theological topic of your choice. Recent thesis topics have included: Prayer and Healing, Religion and Mental Health, a Dialogue between Christianity and Native American Religions, and Domestic Violence, Religion, and the Law. Minors take just 5 courses of their choice.

A Versatile Degree for Diverse Career Paths

Our program helps students relate theology to politics, economics, education, science, and other disciplines. The knowledge, skills, and values it cultivates enable a wide array of career options.

What our Theology Alumni have done with this degree:

Examples of recent theology alumni jobs include: a physician for Doctors without Borders, a chaplain at Rush Hospital, an engineering services manager at Walt Disney Company, and a digital designer at a small business, just to name a few.

Here is an example of some courses you may take in the Theology program:

  • Theology of Love
  • History of Christian Thought
  • Business Ethics in the Context of Catholic Social Teaching
  • Inter-religious Dialogue
  • Sexual Ethics

Theology courses (THEO)

Includes: THEO, RELS

Lisle undergraduate courses and descriptions

Mesa undergraduate course and descriptions

We offer a wide range of courses, including: Spirituality, Catholic Social Teaching, Marriage and Family, Introduction to the Bible, Great Women Theologians, Christ and the Church, Theology of Justice, Interreligious Dialogue, Introduction to Judaism, Black and Latine Theologies, Theology of Love, and Business Ethics in the Context of Catholic Social Teaching.

Theology, BA – Lisle | Mesa

Theology, Minor – Lisle | Mesa



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