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Master of Public Health (MPH) & MS in Management and Organizational Behavior (MSMOB)

Public Health. Organizational Behavior. Impact. Unify Your Vision with Our Dual Degree Program

Ready to become a force for positive change in the healthcare field? Our innovative M.P.H./M.S. in Management and Organizational Behavior dual degree program equips you with the powerful combination of public health expertise and leadership skills needed to make a real difference.

Your dual degree in Management & Organizational Behavior and Public Health online arms you with the skills to drive change in organizations and communities, identify health improvement opportunities, and craft impactful strategic plans. This expertise opens doors to fulfilling careers in healthcare leadership, consulting, and policy development.

Don’t settle for just one degree when you can have two! Invest in your future with our M.P.H./M.S. in Management and Organizational Behavior dual degree program and become a leader who makes a difference in healthcare.

Start your journey today!

Here’s how Benedictine’s unique M.P.H./M.S.M.O.B. program elevates your career:

  • Supercharge your M.P.H. with management superpowers: Deepen your public health knowledge while mastering essential leadership principles, organizational behavior, and human resource strategies.
  • Become a leader who inspires and drives change: Develop the skills to effectively manage teams, navigate complex healthcare environments, and implement innovative solutions.
  • Open doors to diverse career opportunities: From leading healthcare organizations to shaping public health policy, your dual expertise will be highly sought-after.

Our program features:

  • Rigorous curriculum: Learn from renowned faculty with expertise in public health and management, ensuring you gain the knowledge and skills needed to excel.
  • Flexible learning options: Choose from online, hybrid, and in-person formats to fit your schedule and learning style.
  • Valuable network: Connect with fellow students and alumni who share your passion for healthcare and leadership.

Bridge the Gap Between Public Health and Leadership: A Dual Degree Journey

Students in the dual degree program must be accepted into both degree programs.

Complete your first degree at your own pace, then seamlessly transition into the second degree, all within the same program. This unique structure equips you with in-demand skills for diverse healthcare careers in leadership, consulting, and policy development.

This program lets you earn two degrees in just 19 courses, streamlining your path to becoming a healthcare leader. Skip the redundancy of taking 39 separate courses and focus on acquiring complementary skills in public health and management.

A World of Opportunity: Careers with an M.P.H./M.S.M.O.B. Dual Degree

A dual degree in Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) and Master of Science in Management and Organizational Behavior (M.S.M.O.B.) equips you with a unique skillset that bridges public health expertise with strong business and leadership abilities. This combination opens doors to a variety of exciting career paths in the healthcare and public health sectors. Here are some potential career options for M.P.H./M.S.M.O.B. graduates:

  • Healthcare Administration: This path allows you to directly oversee healthcare delivery systems, ensuring efficiency and quality of care. Roles like Hospital Administrator or Clinic Director leverage both your public health knowledge and leadership skills.
  • Public Health Consultant: Combine your expertise in public health with business acumen to advise healthcare organizations and government agencies. You’d be instrumental in developing and implementing effective public health programs.
  • Public Health Policy Analyst: This role lets you influence public health on a broader scale. You’d research and analyze public health issues, proposing evidence-based policy recommendations to improve population health outcomes.
  • Non-Profit Sector Leader: Non-profit organizations play a crucial role in public health initiatives. As an Executive Director or Program Director, you’d lead and manage public health programs, addressing critical needs within communities.
  • Public Health Professor: If you have a passion for teaching and knowledge dissemination, this path allows you to share your expertise with future generations of public health professionals.

By tailoring your resume and highlighting relevant skills learned in your M.P.H./M.S.M.O.B. program, you can position yourself for success in these and other rewarding careers that leverage your expertise in both public health and management.

Here is an example of some courses you may take in the Masters of Public Health/Master of Science in Management and Organizational Behavior :

  • Leadership and Management in Health Organizations
  • Health Behavior Theory
  • Accounting for Non-Financial Managers
  • Organizational Behavior: Theory and Contemporary Practice
  • Human Resources and Talent Management

Master of Public Health/Master of Science in Management and Organizational Behavior courses (M.P.H./M.S.M.O.B.)

Courses include: PBHL, ACCT, BALT, MNGT

Graduate course descriptions

Master of Public Health/Master of Science in Management and Organizational Behavior – MPH/MSMOB – Online

Master of Public Health – MPH – Online
Master of Science in Organizational Behavior – MSMOB – Online


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