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Elevate Your Leadership Skills with a BA in Management

This innovative program is designed to give you the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in today’s fast-paced and complex business environment.

Challenging courses will guide you through key concepts such as project management, technology integration, financial accounting, communication, risk assessment and management, and strategy and decision-making.

You’ll also learn how to apply these concepts to real-world business challenges, preparing you for a successful career in management.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to advance your career, the B.A. in Management degree completion program is the perfect choice for you.

The BenU Difference

Empower Yourself to Achieve Your Career Goals

At the Daniel L. Goodwin College of Business at Benedictine University, our Bachelor of Arts in Management sharpens your leadership and managerial skills, preparing you for the dynamic challenges of modern business environments.

The program gives you the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in today’s fast-paced and competitive business environment. Gain practical insights through the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) program, tailor your degree with specialized concentrations, and earn your degree on your own schedule.


Emphasis on Developing Students’ Leadership, Organizational, and Decision-Making Skills

A Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Management within a business degree program emphasizes developing students’ leadership, organizational, and decision-making skills. Here are several aspects of a BA in Management at Benedictine University:

  • Leadership and Strategic Thinking: The Management major emphasizes leadership skills. Students learn how to think strategically considering industry trends and an organization’s goals. This involves understanding the competitive domestic and international landscape, identifying opportunities and threats, and formulating plans to achieve organizational goals. Management major provides students with a broad understanding of various aspects of business and skills to coordinate different functions within an organization. (e.g., finance, accounting, marketing, human resources, operations, supply chain, and information technology).
  • Problem-Solving: The Management major trains students in the skills to analyze complex business conditions and make fact-based decisions. This includes both qualitative skills (e.g., critical thinking) and quantitative skills (e.g., mathematical optimization). Furthermore, the Management major incorporates technology and process innovation into management practices to solve business problems in today’s dynamic business/political environment.
  • Human Relationship: The management major also focuses on developing soft skills. This includes motivating and guiding teams, effective communication, negotiation, and conflict resolution. These skills are critical for effective management and collaboration in any organization.
  • Ethics: The Management major includes topics on ethics and social responsibility. Students will study the impact of business decisions on all stakeholders and the society.
  • Accelerated Learning: The B.A. in Management is structured to help you quickly assimilate and apply new business knowledge and skills.
  • Work/Life Experience Credits: Earn academic credits for your professional and life experiences, facilitating a more relevant and faster completion of your degree.

    Career Progression

    With a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Management, you’ll be equipped with a versatile skillset that opens doors to a wide range of exciting career opportunities across diverse industries. Here are some of the top career paths you can pursue:

    Business Manager/Executive: Gain valuable experience across different departments, preparing for future leadership roles.

    Project Manager: Plan and execute projects successfully, ensuring budget and timeframe adherence.

    Operations Manager: Optimize daily operations, ensuring efficiency, productivity, and compliance with standards.

    Human Resources Manager: Develop and implement HR strategies, manage employee relations, and comply with labor laws.

    Business Analyst/Planner: Analyze data and identify business problems, providing recommendations for improvement and optimization.

    With our specialized concentrations in human resource management, marketing, and digital marketing for working professionals, there are opportunities to tailor your degree to match your career goals.

    Here is an example of some courses you may take in the Management program:

    • Excel with Business Applications
    • Managerial Decision Making Under Uncertainty
    • Strategic Management
    • Principles of Managerial Accounting
    • Principles of Macroeconomics

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