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Interfaith Studies Certificate

Become an Interfaith Leader

The Interfaith Studies Certificate aims to help students of any major become interfaith leaders conversant in the theory and practice of interfaith engagement, as related to a variety of disciplines, their future career, community, and peace and justice issues.

While pursuing this Certificate, you will cultivate transferable skills such as learning to communicate across differences (religious, cultural, racial, or political); integrate interfaith studies into any major; and become more attractive on the job market, given the diversity of Chicagoland and our country, and the great need for such sensitivity in any field.

Why get an Interfaith Studies Certificate from BenU?

Benedictine is a Catholic university with exceptional religious diversity: here you will study, live, work, and recreate alongside Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, and more. Every encounter, whether inside or outside the classroom, is an opportunity for interreligious dialogue.

Easily Integrated into any Major

The Interfaith Studies Certificate was created to be integrated easily with any major. It requires only four courses of your choice across a variety of disciplines, plus a learning community where you will engage in informal lunch dialogues that meet regularly to discuss interfaith topics such as spiritual practices, peace and justice, religious holidays, careers and vocation, etc. There are also opportunities for extracurricular experiences including interfaith service projects and student-led dialogue events

Enhance any career with an Interfaith Studies Certificate

The Interfaith Studies Certificate will enhance any career that requires you to interact with diverse clients, patients, or students: from business to health sciences to education, and more. You will improve your ability to communicate empathetically across religious, cultural, and other differences in a variety of settings, and better understand how interreligious topics relate to your career as well as to civic and other local and national organizations.

Interfaith Studies Certificate courses

Lisle undergraduate course descriptions

Mesa undergraduate course descriptions

The Certificate requires four courses of your choice, some of which can simultaneously satisfy other requirements in General Education and/or your major. Examples of courses that count toward the Certificate include Interreligious Dialogue, Politics and Religion, US Multiethnic Literature, and Business Ethics in the Context of Catholic Social Teaching. Certificate students also complete a semester-long learning community which is not a class, but a relaxed lunch dialogue.

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