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Immerse Yourself in the Past, Prepare for the Future

Students of history at Benedictine enjoy a broad liberal arts education designed to prepare them to work and live in an increasingly complex world.

An understanding of the past is useful in all careers, as is the broad perspective that comes from the study of diverse regions and periods. History students at BenU work in small classes and meet with faculty one-on-one, which encourages conversation and collaboration. They develop critical skills of analysis, evaluation and synthesis, and an ability to organize and interpret large bodies of data and evidence. For a small college, our program offers tremendous breadth, with courses on African American history, Latin America, the Middle East, the Indian Ocean, and Europe, on themes ranging from gender and women’s movements, to revolutions around the world, to the Islamic empires of the Renaissance era. The University’s easy access to Chicago, the city’s world-renowned museums and its “living history” gives students the opportunity to experience history outside of the classroom.

Researching the Past, Shaping the Future

For a small college, our program offers tremendous breadth. Our faculty has expertise on areas including African American studies and the Civil Rights movement, Islamic culture, modern Europe, East Asia, and Latin America.

Comprehensive Curriculum and Culminating Research Project

Students have the freedom to take classes on a range of topics of interest to them. After completing courses on different regions of the world and a course on historical methods, students complete a senior thesis, working closely with faculty to develop expertise on a topic of their choice.

Program options:

If you want to be a licensed social studies-history teacher in grades 9-12, you should choose the History/Social Science major and an Education minor. You will also need to register with the Benedictine University Education Program as a teaching licensure candidate.

If you want to major in History but do not intend to be a teacher, you should choose the History major.

If you want to major in Social Science and explore track options in Political Science, Economics, Psychology, History, Criminology, and Sociology, but do not intend to be a teacher, you should choose the Social Science major.

Professional Advancement with Adaptable Skills

Our alumni have gone on to graduate school at American University, The University of Chicago, Maurer School of Law at Indiana University and Long Island University. They also work in a wide variety of fields including medicine, finance, entertainment, real estate and education.

What our Alumni have done with this degree

Benedictine University’s history alumni have pursued a wide range of graduate studies at prestigious institutions, including American University, The University of Chicago, Indiana University’s Maurer School of Law, and Long Island University. Their diverse career paths reflect the transferable skills and adaptability instilled through a strong foundation in history. Our alumni have made significant contributions in various fields, including medicine, finance, entertainment, real estate, and education, demonstrating the enduring value of a history degree in a rapidly evolving world.

Here is an example of some courses you may take in the History program:

  • HIST 1111: American History to 1865
  • HIST 2272 Modern Middle East
  • HIST 2215 African Diaspora in Latin America 1899-2000
  • HIST 2265: African-American History
  • HIST 2260 Women in American Society
  • HIST 2274 Indian Ocean World
  • HIST 3357 Twentieth Century Social and Political Movements
  • HIST 3355 Modern Russia

History courses (HIST)

Lisle undergraduate course descriptions

Mesa undergraduate course descriptions

History, BA – Lisle

History, Minor – Lisle

History/Social Science, BA – Lisle

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