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Are you drawn to a rewarding career in healthcare and seeking a challenging yet flexible academic foundation? Look no further than Benedictine University’s Health Science major. Our program is meticulously designed to prepare you for success in diverse healthcare fields, including medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, therapy, podiatry, veterinary medicine, and beyond.

At Benedictine, we empower you to not only excel academically but also develop the critical skills and confidence needed to thrive in your chosen healthcare field. Join our vibrant community and embark on a transformative journey towards a fulfilling and impactful career in healthcare.

Benedictine’s preprofessional health programs are renowned for their excellence

We have cultivated valuable partnerships with top regional professional schools, granting our students unparalleled opportunities not readily available elsewhere. These include:

  • Guaranteed admission: Secure early acceptance into esteemed graduate programs through dual acceptance affiliations.
  • Fast-tracked pathways: Accelerate your journey towards your dream career through dedicated partnership and fast-track programs.
  • Real-world experience: Gain invaluable hands-on training through immersive clinical practicum experiences.

Beyond exceptional academic rigor, Benedictine fosters a supportive learning environment:

  • Dedicated faculty and staff: Receive personalized guidance and mentorship from experienced professionals.
  • Expert recommendation: Benefit from the invaluable support and advice of the Health Professions Recommendation Committee.

Choose Benedictine’s Health Science major and equip yourself for a successful and fulfilling career in healthcare.

Cultivating Future Healthcare Leaders with Comprehensive Knowledge and Critical Thinking Skills

The Health Science program empowers graduates with a strong foundation in core scientific principles and their application to healthcare settings. They will demonstrate a profound understanding of the human body’s structure and function across various scales, enabling them to analyze and explain biological processes effectively.

Graduates will be equipped with the skills to utilize scientific evidence for clear and concise communication, apply quantitative reasoning to solve healthcare-related problems, and identify the connections between health sciences and other natural, physical, chemical, and mathematical sciences. Additionally, they will develop the ability to critically discuss the societal relevance of health sciences, fostering responsible and impactful contributions to the field.

A BS in Health Science opens doors to a wide range of rewarding career opportunities across diverse healthcare fields

Here are just some of the Career Opportunities with a BS in Health Science:

Public Health Educator: Design and deliver educational programs to promote healthy behaviors and prevent diseases in communities, playing a crucial role in improving public health outcomes.

Clinical Research Coordinator: Manage the logistical and regulatory aspects of clinical research trials, contributing to the development of new life-saving treatments and therapies.

Community Health Worker: Connect individuals and communities with resources to maintain health and well-being, addressing social determinants of health and promoting equitable access to healthcare.

Health Data Analyst: Analyze and interpret healthcare data to inform decision-making, track disease trends, and improve patient care quality and efficiency.

Medical Laboratory Technician: Perform essential laboratory tests and analyze biological samples, assisting physicians in diagnosing and treating medical conditions, ensuring accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

What our alumni have done with this degree

Our graduates are accepted into top-tier medical science professional and graduate schools, including Cornell University, Baylor University, The University of Chicago and Northwestern University.

Here is an example of some courses you may take in the Health Science program:

  • Genetics
  • Great Ideas in Biology and Medicine
  • General Chemistry
  • College Physics
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy

Health Science courses (HLSC)

Courses include: BIOL, CHEM, PHYS, MATH, NUTR,

Lisle undergraduate course descriptions

Mesa undergraduate course descriptions

Our Health Professions Recommendation Committee (HPRC) serves all Benedictine students seeking letters of recommendation to professional health programs. Committee letters of recommendation are preferred by most medical and dental schools.

Health Science, BS – Lisle | Mesa




James P. Sostak, MD, FAAOS

B.S. ’01, Health Science

Sports Medicine Orthopedic Surgeon, Fox Valley Orthopedics

“During my first year at Loyola’s medical school, I realized how prepared I was compared to other students in the program. I was way ahead because Benedictine’s pre-med program is so far ahead of many others. I heard Benedictine’s pre-med program was good, but I didn’t realize how good until I went to medical school.“

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