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Benedictine University: Where Your Success is Our Passion

Imagine professors who are more than just teachers. At Benedictine University, you’ll learn from accomplished professionals who are also dedicated mentors. They’ll guide you not just academically, but also in your personal and professional development.

Forget crowded classrooms and feeling lost in the crowd. Our low student-to-faculty ratios and small class sizes guarantee individualized attention. We focus on your unique needs – both educational and professional – to help you achieve your goals.

A well-rounded education is just the beginning. You’ll gain a strong foundation through our general education program, while deepening your knowledge in your chosen field. But Benedictine goes beyond textbooks.

Experience a vibrant learning community! Unleash your creativity at open mic nights and poetry slams. Meet and learn from renowned writers. Expand your horizons with lectures by distinguished scholars from various disciplines. And gain real-world experience by working on prestigious publications like The DuPage Valley Review.

Benedictine University isn’t just about classes, it’s about shaping your future. We offer a personalized and enriching experience that prepares you for success, both inside and outside the classroom.

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Learn from the Best: Our Advantage

Benedictine University sets you up for success with a faculty of accomplished professionals who are also passionate educators. Our professors bring their real-world experience into the classroom, guiding you in your personal, academic, and professional growth.

Small Class Sizes, Big Opportunities:

Low student-to-faculty ratios and intimate class sizes ensure you receive the individualized attention you deserve. We focus on your educational and professional goals, helping you develop a well-rounded foundation while deepening your knowledge in your chosen field.

A Vibrant Learning Community:

Beyond academics, Benedictine fosters a rich cultural environment. Open mic nights and poetry slams let you showcase your talents. Meet and learn from renowned writers at author readings. Expand your horizons with lectures from distinguished scholars. And gain valuable hands-on experience working on university publications like The DuPage Valley Review.

Benedictine University offers a personalized and enriching learning experience that prepares you for success.

Dive Deeper into the World of Literature: Program Details

Benedictine University’s English Language and Literature program equips you with a comprehensive understanding of literature and the power of language. Through a combination of in-depth coursework and engaging activities, you’ll achieve the following:

  • Literary Expertise: Gain a strong foundation in literary analysis, allowing you to identify and discuss significant writers, periods, genres, and literary traditions within their cultural context.
  • Critical Thinking & Analysis: Develop your critical thinking skills to construct clear and effective arguments supported by textual evidence. You’ll learn to perform close readings of various genres, dissecting the nuances of poetry, drama, fiction, and beyond.
  • Refined Communication Skills: Sharpen your communication abilities by learning to analyze literary works through critical and theoretical frameworks. You’ll also gain the skills to propose, design, and complete written projects that effectively communicate your ideas in different contexts.

This program fosters a well-rounded education, preparing you for success in a variety of fields that value strong communication, critical thinking, and analytical abilities.

Your Future Starts Here: English Language and Literature Careers

The English Language and Literature program at Benedictine University equips you for a diverse range of exciting career paths. Here’s how:

  • Versatility is Key: An English degree unlocks doors in various fields – teaching, publishing, writing, and electronic/print media (think journalism or content creation!). It also provides a strong foundation for graduate study in numerous disciplines.
  • Beyond the Basics: Even if another major is your primary focus, a double major with English gives you a significant advantage. Whether it’s business, computer science, or biology, strong communication and critical thinking skills are highly sought after by employers.
  • Success Stories: Our alumni network is a testament to the program’s effectiveness. They thrive in a wide range of fields including marketing, technical writing, law, teaching, social work, speech therapy, and digital/online learning. Many have also pursued graduate and professional degrees at prestigious universities.

Benedictine University’s English Language and Literature program prepares you not just for a job, but for a fulfilling and adaptable career.

Here is an example of some courses you may take in the English Lnguage and Literature program:

  • Methods of Literary Analysis
  • Literature of the Early Modern Period
  • U. S. Multiethnic Literature
  • Global/Postcolonial Literature and Theory
  • Theories of Gender in Literary Analysis

English Language and Literature courses (LITR)

Lisle undergraduate course descriptions

English Language and Literature, BA – Lisle

English Language and Literature, Minor – Lisle

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