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podiatrist holding patient's foot while pushing his thumb into the ball of foot; Pre-Podiatry




A podiatrist is so much more than a “foot doctor.” A podiatrist is a doctor of podiatric medicine (DPM), a physician and surgeon who treats the foot, ankle, and related structures of the leg.

Podiatrists receive specialized training from day one by completing four years of medical education at one of the nine colleges of podiatric medicine, and earn their DPM degree. They enroll in many of the same basic general anatomy courses as MDs and DOs as first-year students, while honing their specialized focus on lower extremities. Upon completion of podiatric medical school, podiatrists complete a three-year, hospital-based residency training program.

Within the profession, podiatric physicians can specialize in a variety of areas such as surgery, orthopedics, or public health. Besides these certified specialties, podiatrists may practice a subspecialty such as sports medicine, pediatrics, dermatology, radiology, geriatrics, or diabetic foot care. Podiatric physicians are the only doctors to receive specialized medical and surgical training, and board certification in the care of the lower extremity.

footprints in the sand, pre-podiatry

What Should My Major Be?

Students who want to be podiatrists take biology, chemistry, and physics along with other science classes to get ready for podiatry school. We suggest that you follow programs for the major in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology, Health Science or Biology.

baby feet, pre-podiatry
examining toes, pre-podiatry

Getting What You Need

Podiatry admissions teams will check carefully to make sure you have all of the specific prerequisite courses and experiences that they require for consideration. At Benedictine, you will have an academic advisor for your major, and still be helped by a separate expert pre-health professions advisor to encourage and guide you through of all pre-requisites and extracurricular activities you will need.