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physical therapy program

Pre-Physical Therapy Program



Physical therapy, also referred to as PT, is a health care profession that uses evidence-based therapeutic interventions to diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate people with physical disabilities or injuries.

Most PTs work in hospitals or in other health care offices, but they can also work in nursing homes, outpatient clinics, or in private practices. They work with patients of all ages. The physical therapist evaluates their patients’ movement dysfunction, and devises a treatment plan to help them. Their work primarily makes use of therapeutic training and exercise, and sometimes uses special equipment. They work with a team of PTs or physical therapist assistants, and often worth with other professionals, like nurses, social workers, occupational therapists, physicians, or other specialists that the particular patient may need.

physical therapist helping a small child out of a wheelchair; pre-physical therapy

Students in the Pre-Physical Therapy program have the opportunities to:

Complete specific pre-requisite courses with good grades, and demonstrate skills and knowledge developed outside of the classroom.
Obtain critical skills to achieve admission to PT school.
Shadow physical therapists, volunteer in clinics, or even get course credit for practical experiences.
male student working with younger child on physical therapy ball

What Should My Major Be?

Physical therapy schools typically do not require that you study a specific academic major. Many students choose Health Science or Biology because there is significant overlap of major courses and pre-physical therapy prerequisites. However, we recommend that if you have a passion in another area, you can and should major in that area.

physical therapist helping patient stretch his shoulder; pre-physical therapy
physical therapy students working on elderly patients

Major Option

Students majoring in Psychology with a concentration in Pre-Physical Therapy will gain acceptance to the Pre-OT/PT concentration by completing either BIOL 1197 Principles of Organismal Biology or BIOL 1198 Principles of Biology and CHEM 1113 General Chemistry I with a grade of “C” or better in each of these courses, and receiving no more than a total of two “W,” “D” or “F” grades in these courses.