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female student holding notebook and smiling waling past glass doors; Political Science

Political Science


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A distinguishing feature of political science is the commitment faculty make to open debate and critical thought in the context of a rapidly changing, technologically complex, globally driven environment.

The major stresses the responsibilities and merits of civic life, anchored in an understanding of the United States Constitution and the rule of law, as well as the need for durable political institutions — both domestic and international. The faculty all hold Ph.D.s and view teaching and service as their primary responsibilities at Benedictine. In addition, the political science faculty maintain active research agendas and welcome opportunities for undergraduate students to become involved in their research. They are committed to providing numerous opportunities for engaged learning, research and internships.

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Political Science students at table in the library

Students in the Political Science program have the opportunities to:

Learn theoretical and practical knowledge about politics in the United States and political systems and processes around the world.
Learn to think, write, and speak critically and analytically. In a rapidly changing world
Experience personalized, one-on-one working relationships with faculty which allows the program to be effectively customized to the needs and goals of each student.
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Available Concentration

  • Pre-Law

In response to law school recommendations, the Pre-Law concentration does not require a specific course of study but focuses on a broad range of offerings out of six academic programs. The thrust is a broad liberal arts background, which makes the student aware of pressing social problems, knowledgeable about the American system of government and capable of reading critically and writing in a clear, concise manner.

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What Our Graduates Have Done With This Degree

Political Science Alumni

Our alumni have worked for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the Peace Corps and in a variety of other capacities — elected and appointed — across the levels of government. They have also gone on to study at top-tier schools, including Georgetown University, The University of Chicago, Notre Dame, DePaul University, New York University, and Vienna School of International Studies.
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The Art of Debate

The faculty and students in political science pride themselves on open debate, hearing from diverse sets of views, and being welcoming to all individuals who wish to study politics and government.

Civic Responsibility

In a rapidly changing world, with serious policy matters facing the public and elected officials, an emphasis on the merits of civic life — service, leadership and the rule of law — are key to the contours of the political science major.

Political Science students
Political science

Hands-On Learning

Political science students are afforded myriad opportunities for hands-on learning, including joining award-winning Moot Court, Mock Trial, Model United Nations and Model Illinois Government teams.

Lisle Campus

As a double major in political science and English language and literature, I was a part of a tight-knit community that truly helped me understand what it meant to be Benedictine. I quickly learned the faculty would stop at nothing to help me achieve my goals and were eager to help me develop academically and professionally. I was able to tailor my classes to my specific interests and truly pursue topics I was passionate about. Ultimately, it was my experience on the Benedictine Mock Trial Team that made it clear to me that I wanted to go to law school and be an attorney. I am confident that I wouldn’t be where I am today without the personally crafted educational experience I received at Benedictine University.

Paulina Piasecki

Law Student at Georgetown University Law Center