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Integrative Physiology (M.S.I.P.)

Master of Science


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Benedictine University’s Master of Science in Integrative Physiology program is a one-year graduate degree program with a full-time curriculum designed for graduates of a bachelor’s program in Biology and other related sciences.

The program serves students who want to deepen their understanding of physiology and explore various areas of biology by providing a 10 month, rigorous course of study culminating in a Master’s degree. It is aimed to provide valuable and marketable experience to students who are taking a “gap” year after graduation. The program also serves students interested in applying to doctoral programs in biomedical research. Students with diverse interests are encouraged to apply and will be provided with the right tools and a meaningful path to succeed in their future endeavors.

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Master of Science in Integrative Physiology program:

10 month-accelerated Program, ideal for students taking a "gap" year
Deepen your understanding in areas of physiology and biology culminating in a master's degree
Guaranteed interview tracks to professional schools for qualified students

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What Our Graduates Have Done With This Degree

Integrative Physiology Alumni

Alumni of our program have gone on to a variety of professional schools, including medical, dental, optometry, pharmacy, physical therapy, physician assistant and doctoral programs. You’ll find them pursuing advanced degrees at Midwestern University, Marquette University, New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine, Marian University and A.T. Still University, just to name a few.
Master of Science in Integrative Physiology video

Master of Science in Integrative Physiology

In this program, students will develop:

  • General knowledge of sciences
  • Ethical training
  • Communication Skills

This is a full-time, 30 credit curriculum starting in Fall and ending in Spring semester, with the aim to help students prepare for graduate program entrance exams and interviews.  Students will attend daytime classes, held five days a week, and complete coursework in approximately 10 months. Students must maintain a B average to successfully complete the program.

Cohort-Based Program

The M.S. in Integrative Physiology program is a cohort-based program that runs for 10 months. Cohorts begin twice a year — late August and January. To complement what is taught in lectures, students have access to the latest electronic hardware and software to measure cell and body function, providing them with the chance to apply and expand on theory.

science, physiology, lab, MSIP, professor
science, physiology, lab, MSIP, professor

Productive Gap Year

For college graduates looking to apply to professional schools, this challenging and stimulating program allows students to make the most of a gap year to deepen their understanding of physiological sciences, improve their GPA and strengthen their applications to professional schools. The Integrative Physiology program provides the critical-thinking and problem-solving skills needed to succeed and advance in a variety of fields.

Lisle Campus

Words cannot express how much the M.S. in Integrative Physiology program has helped me in med school. I was much more prepared and was performing much better than many of my peers due to my extensive knowledge in physiology that I gained from this program. Thank you to Dr. Sarathy for being the best teacher I ever had and for helping me achieve my dreams.

Naureen Hassan Integrative Physiology alumni

MSIP ‘19
D.O. Candidate, Arkansas College of Osteopathic Medicine

Master of Science in Integrative Physiology Faculty

Jayashree Sarathy

Jayashree Sarathy, Ph.D.
Chair, Director of Graduate Studies, and Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences

Ian Hall, Ph.D., Biological Sciences

Ian Hall, Ph.D.
Associate Chair and Professor, Department of Biological Sciences

Robert McCarthy, Ph.D., Biological Sciences

Robert McCarthy, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences

LeeAnn Smith, Ph.D., Biological Sciences

LeeAnn Smith, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Biological Sciences

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