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Students of history at Benedictine enjoy a broad liberal arts education designed to prepare them to work and live in an increasingly complex world.

An understanding of the past is useful in all careers, as is the breadth of perspective that comes from the study of diverse historical areas, periods and opinions. History students at BenU work in small classes and meet with faculty one-on-one, which encourages conversation and collaboration. They develop critical skills of analysis, evaluation and synthesis, and an ability to organize and interpret large bodies of data and evidence. Courses on research methods afford the opportunity to practice the historian’s craft through primary research. The University’s easy access to Chicago, the city’s world-renowned museums and its “living history” gives students the opportunity to experience history outside of the classroom.

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Students in the History program have the opportunities to:

Study the histories of a wide variety of eras and areas.
Gain the skills and the adaptability needed to pursue a wide variety of careers in the private sector or government.
Analyze, discuss and write about basic concepts and theories in the field of History reflectively.
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What Our Graduates Have Done With This Degree

History Alumni

Our alumni have gone on to graduate school at American University, The University of Chicago, Maurer School of Law at Indiana University and Long Island University. They also work in a wide variety of fields including medicine, finance, entertainment, real estate and education.

Sample Courses

• HIST 1111: American History to 1865
• HIST 2203: Historiography
• HIST 3365: African-American History
• HIST 4399: Senior Thesis

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Rich Formation

Students complete one sequence of courses on American history and another on World Civilization and can choose from a rich selection of courses on other subjects. The culminating project for this major is the production of a research paper on a history-related topic of personal interest to the student.

Professional Advancement

History — by itself or in combination with a minor in another area such as business, computer science, foreign language, political science or communications — provides students with the skills and the adaptability needed to pursue a wide variety of careers in the private sector or government.

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