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lab student comparing litmus testing results to a chart; health education and promotion

Health Science


image of body flexing muscles with graphic representation of veins throughout and bright glow coming from chest, image has white overlay; health science program

The health science major at Benedictine University is tailored to students who are interested in a health-related career and want a challenging yet flexible academic preparation. Our program optimally prepares you for a career in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physical or occupational therapy, podiatry, veterinary medicine or another health-related profession.

Benedictine’s reputation as a leader in preprofessional health programs has helped us build partnerships with some of the top professional schools in the region. These partnerships give our students opportunities that are not widely available at other institutions, including dual acceptance affiliations, partnerships and fast-track programs, as well as clinical practicum experiences. Close guidance from faculty and staff, such as the Health Professions Recommendation Committee, ensures our students are prepared to take the next steps in their professional lives.

walkway between Kindlon and Goodwin on the Lisle campus with gray film over picture
female student with lab coat looking through microscope; health science

Students in the Health Science program have the opportunities to:

Learn both science knowledge and the higher-level thinking skills to succeed in a multitude of health care careers, including medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physical or occupational therapy, podiatry, veterinary medicine and more.
Participate in a clinical experience to observe professionals in the field, leading to a better understanding of the rewards and challenges found in your chosen health care profession.
Explain the structure and function of the human body across multiple scales and demonstrate biological knowledge required in professional settings.
petri dish with growing organisms in it; Health science program
medical technicians looking at images on their monitors; Health science

What Our Graduates Have Done With This Degree

Health Science Alumni

Our graduates are accepted into top-tier medical science professional and graduate schools, including Cornell University, Baylor University, The University of Chicago and Northwestern University.

Sample Courses

• BIOL 2250: Genetics
• BIOL 3203: Human Anatomy
• BIOL 3258: Human Physiology
• HLSC 3301: Practicum Experience – Medicine

Anatomy Classroom

Personalized Advising

In addition to our outstanding faculty, Benedictine has dedicated pre-health professions advisors to guide your academic preparation and application to professional schools.

Health Professions Recommendations Committee

Our Health Professions Recommendation Committee serves all Benedictine students seeking letters of recommendation to professional health programs. Committee letters of recommendation are preferred by most medical and dental schools.

Closeup shot of an unrecognisable businesswoman going through paperwork in an office
Lisle Campus

During my first year at Loyola’s medical school, I realized how prepared I was compared to other students in the program. I was way ahead because Benedictine’s pre-med program is so far ahead of many others. I heard Benedictine’s pre-med program was good, but I didn’t realize how good until I went to medical school.

Jim Sostak, MD

B.S. ’01, Health Science
Sports Medicine Orthopedic Surgeon, Fox Valley Orthopedics