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Global Studies


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Global Studies is an interdisciplinary field that examines the forces that tie the world together, including migration and diaspora, media and the global imaginary, international trade, and economic and political systems.

Students study the global connections of the past, and how these connections developed and changed over the centuries. Central to the philosophy of Global Studies is the recognition that global issues have multiple dimensions—economic, legal, political, cultural, technological, and moral. Students of Global Studies will develop advanced knowledge in multiple disciplines, in order to learn how to study global issues in a holistic way, using diverse methodological tools, and recognizing the importance of one’s geographical perspective.

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Students in the Global Studies program have the opportunities to:

Learn the social, economic, cultural, and intellectual systems that shape various regions of the globe, and their histories.
Live, work and participate in the interrelated and interdependent world of the 21st century.
Communicate within and between cultural, religious, and professional communities.
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Moral and Ethical Issues

Students in this major will learn how to confront moral and ethical issues facing the global community to develop a clear under-standing of, and commitment to, personal values and beneficial change and how to think critically about the tension between globalizing forces and those that promote regional and cultural identity.

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Foundational Concept Areas

The different disciplinary or methodological skills required for Global Studies are broken down into the following five Foundational Concept Areas (FCA’s).

  • Social structure & politics
  • Meaning & culture
  • Media
  • Trade & exchange
  • Theory & methodology