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The General Professional Studies (GPS) Program: Preparation for a Promising Future

In these unpredictable times, especially for those whose college journey was interrupted, the GPS Program offers a way forward. Our fully online courses are designed with the digital-native generation in mind, allowing flexibility to balance life’s commitments while diving deep into subjects that align with current passions and career goals. Beyond just academic achievement, this program emphasizes the cultivation of critical skills tailored for today’s professional world. By the end of the course, graduates don’t just walk away with a degree – they possess a comprehensive portfolio that showcases resilience, adaptability, and a readiness to thrive in any environment. This is more than just education; it’s preparation for a promising future.

General Professional Studies Online program

Find Your Way with GPS

  • Adult learners (22+)

  • Fully online, asynchronous (work when you want to)

  • Credit for work and life experiences

  • Minimal text books (most are free online)

  • No statistics or foreign language requirement

  • Skills for professional success

  • Work on work-related projects

  • Work on your resume

Develop Valuable Workplace Skills

Each GPS course teaches students about certain skills that are valuable in the workplace. When companies are looking to hire or promote someone, they often want to see that the person has these skills. These include problem solving, communication, critical thinking, cultural literacy, teamwork, emotional intelligence, ethical reasoning, and social responsibility.

Taking GPS courses, you’ll learn about and improve these important job skills.

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Navigate the Now: Essential Skills

Instead of just focusing on typical business topics like how to manage a team, sell products, or keep track of money, this major looks at how success in business can be understood through studying subjects typically associated with a broad education. These topics include art, literature, history, philosophy, psychology.

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Finish Your Degree Online

With 8-Week Semester Courses

Admissions Requirements
Cumulative GPA 2.0/ 4.0 from any college level coursework, high school graduate or GED completion, at least two years of full time work experience. Students are encouraged to contact the Enrollment office to set up an appointment with one of our admission counselors to discuss the Admission Committee review process.

Contact the Enrollment Office

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Students in the GPS program have the opportunity to:

  • learn to effectively manage resources
  • adapt to changing situations
  • understand the broader impact of their decisions on individuals, communities, and the environment

They’ll refine complex information, employ critical thinking backed by credible knowledge, and work collaboratively with diverse groups towards shared goals.

Furthermore, students will be trained to read critically, respect diverse opinions, foster positive team dynamics, and contribute responsibly to the betterment of society.

Learn more about the GPS Learning Objectives

General Professional Courses:

  • Personal Tenacity & Accountability
  • Lifelong Learning & Change Management
  • Sustainability & Citizenship
  • Information, Application & Design I & II
  • Cognitive Flexibility & Problem Solving I & II
  • Inquiry, Curiosity & Judgement
  • Relationship Development: Interpersonal & Multi-Cultural
  • Benedictine Wisdom for Today
  • Emotional Intelligence, Collaboration & Success
  • Language and Culture: Navigating Differences
Read more about the courses
Lisle Campus

The GPS program stands apart due to its integrative approach. It combines aspects of business, management, emotional intelligence, multiculturalism, humanities, and more, creating a well-rounded curriculum. This holistic focus prepares students for diverse professional landscapes and imbues them with adaptable skills that can be valuable across multiple sectors. The program’s versatility is distinguishing.

Ipninder Singh
GPS Major
BA, Class of 2022

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Martin Tracey, Ph.D.
Professor, Philosophy
Director, General Professional Studies
[email protected]