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Komechak Art Gallery exhibit

Fine Arts


close up of hand painting a sculpture; image has a white overlay; fine arts

A major or minor in Fine Arts gives students a strong introduction to the history of art from ancient to modern times as well as foundational coursework in both drawing and design.

The program also offers a choice of two 200-level studio courses, allowing a student to gain familiarity with two different artistic mediums or to focus in both courses on developing greater fluency in one medium.

walkway between Kindlon and Goodwin on the Lisle campus with gray film over picture
female art student working on a clay sculpture of a head; fine arts

Students in the Fine Arts program will have the opportunities to:

Be able to proficiently express themselves in a variety of artistic media.
Possess a knowledge base that enables them to speak and write coherently of the Western Art Historical traditions and relate it to their own artwork and cultural context.
Show a mastery of mimetic techniques in various media including drawing, painting, and sculpting.
looking up at a decorative ceiling design - fine arts program

Design and Composition

Students in the Fine Arts program will be able to demonstrate knowledge of the abstract principles of Design and Composition with the focus to successfully relate the content of an idea by the coherent design of pictorial space.

Mesa student in art class, easel, drawing
Mesa students in art class, drawing

Professional Knowledge

Students exhibit creativity and critical thinking in projects. They have a working knowledge of professional practices that will enable successful application to graduate school, galleries, grants, etc.