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The entrepreneurship major is designed to provide students with the essential theories, critical-thinking skills and real-world knowledge necessary to support their launch into careers as entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs (agents of change within established organizations).

The program gives them the knowledge and skills necessary to allow them to develop, market and manage their own business. Students develop skills in market research and business plan development and in evaluating business opportunities. They acquire knowledge and question that knowledge by implementing an iterative practice around design-thinking methodologies. This approach allows students to reframe problems and develop different strategies and outcomes that lead to innovative solutions. Close mentoring relationships with faculty and staff guide our students to take the next steps on their professional journey

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Students in the Entrepreneurship program have the opportunities to:

Hone their entrepreneurial mindset, using high-level problem-solving skills through the application of design-thinking methodologies.
Learn key functions of management styles, marketing strategy and financial overview through Benedictine’s core business courses.
Conduct design-thinking methodologies to achieve an entrepreneurial mindset.
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Available Concentrations

  • Business Analytics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Operations Management

View Concentration Requirements – Lisle
View Concentration Requirements – Mesa

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What Our Graduates Have Done With This Degree

Entrepreneurship Alumni

Our alumni have gone on to successful careers at Chicago Crypto Capital, The University of Chicago, Woodard Cleaning and Restoration, HKNS Events and more. They have also earned graduate and professional degrees from UChicago Medicine, Illinois Institute of Technology and Benedictine University
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External Partnerships

Benedictine’s reputation as a leader in business has enabled us to build partnerships with entrepreneurs and industry leaders. These partnerships provide our students a wide range of opportunities for interning; working on short-term, real-world projects; collaborating with start-ups at incubators; meeting with entrepreneurs and leaders in industry; and networking with innovative problem solvers.

Experiential Learning

Each entrepreneurship class is structured not only to teach the frameworks of business, but also to offer guidance as students conduct design-thinking methodologies to achieve an entrepreneurial mindset. This mindset prepares them for problem solving using innovative approaches and comprehensive communication as an entrepreneur or in industry as an intrapreneur.

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