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male student at table turning to face camera smiling, people in background blurred out; Entrepreneurship program

Entrepreneurship Minor


The entrepreneurship minor is crafted to equip students with foundational theories, sharpened critical-thinking capabilities, and practical knowledge that sets the stage for their foray into roles as entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs (innovators within established organizations).

This program illuminates the path for them to ideate, promote, and oversee their own business ventures. Students hone skills in market analysis and blueprinting business plans, while also mastering the art of assessing lucrative opportunities. Through immersion in design-thinking methodologies, they challenge traditional knowledge, enabling them to re-envision challenges and carve out distinctive strategies that result in groundbreaking solutions. With the close mentorship of our faculty and staff, students are seamlessly directed towards the subsequent phases of their entrepreneurial pursuits.

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female presenting to a group of students - entrepreneurship

Students with an Entrepreneurship minor have the opportunity to:

Hone their entrepreneurial mindset, using high-level problem-solving skills through the application of design-thinking methodologies.
Learn key functions of management styles, marketing strategy and financial overview through Benedictine’s core business courses.
Conduct design-thinking methodologies to achieve an entrepreneurial mindset.
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