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The engineering science program at Benedictine University offers students flexibility, guidance and support while exploring career paths within the engineering field.

Benedictine’s stellar reputation in the sciences extends to our general engineering courses, which lay a solid foundation for those who have the goal of pursuing a specific engineering discipline. With our programs, students complete their general engineering courses at Benedictine and then continue in either the dual acceptance program with IIT or transfer to an accredited engineering school for advanced engineering coursework. Students take about five years to earn two degrees — a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Engineering Science from Benedictine and a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in an engineering specialty from the transfer institution. Those who choose to stay at Benedictine for four years are prepared for a variety of rewarding career opportunities that do not require a specific engineering degree.

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Students in the Engineering Science program have the opportunities to:

Make an informed choice about which area of engineering best suits their interests, aptitude and passions.
Compete in a world where communication skills are rapidly becoming as important as technical ability in the engineering field.
Enjoy the benefits of being a Benedictine student for five years with the 3+2 program, and earn degrees from both Benedictine and IIT.
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What Our Graduates Have Done With This Degree

Engineering Science Alumni

Our students have gone on to successful careers at The Boeing Co., Caterpillar Inc., NAWCAD, Sargent & Lundy, Exelon Corp., Associate Math Test Engineering, CTS Corp., Wrigley Co. and many others. Our recent graduates have enrolled in top-tier Ph.D. programs at The University of Chicago, Purdue University, Georgetown University, University of Illinois and IIT — just to name a few.

A Winning Combination

Benedictine University’s engineering science major combines the strengths of a liberal arts education with the advantages of an engineering degree.

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female engineering science students

Time To Decide

With a solid engineering science foundation, students can then choose to explore other more targeted areas of engineering like electrical, aerospace, civil, biomedical, chemical and more.

Longtime Partnerships

Benedictine University and the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) have formally partnered for almost 30 years to offer students the opportunity to take advantage of the strengths of both schools en route to one of 10 different engineering degrees.

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