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Looking for a career in software engineering, data analytics or web development? Take a closer look at majoring in computer science.

You can develop a strong foundation in computer science coupled with an understanding of its application to mathematics, science or business through a core of 14 required courses. You will also choose electives that allow you to concentrate on the basic study of the theory and applications of computers, scientific and technical applications, or applications for the business programmer or systems analyst. Our program is unique in that it offers three optional concentrations in Computer Systems and Algorithms, Data Analytics, and E-commerce Technology.

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Students in the Computer Science program have the opportunities to:

Leverage faculty’s industry experience that brings in top-notch instruction in the latest technological innovations and trends.
Build a solid foundation in problem-solving, algorithm development, data structures, programming and computer organization.
Finish the program strong with a large-scale capstone project which simulates the development of a real-world computing application in a business environment.
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What Our Graduates Have Done With This Degree

Computer Science Alumni

Our alumni have gone on to successful careers at companies like Google LLC, HS2 Solutions Inc., The Boeing Co., Argonne National Laboratory, Northrop Grumman Corp., Cisco Systems Inc., Navistar International Corp., United Parcel Service, Motorola Inc. and more. A Benedictine computer science alumnus even developed the FastPass system used at Disney Parks around the globe!

Technology Resources

The Computer Research Laboratory is dedicated exclusively for students in the computational sciences majors. The lab provides a comfortable atmosphere in which to congregate and work on software and/or research projects. Software development is accomplished through Java, Python and the Microsoft Visual Studio, which includes Visual C++, Visual C# and Visual Basic.

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Experience in the Field

You can participate in activities that complement your field of study. Projects, research and assisting in the computer labs can provide you with experience in computer science. You can acquire valuable experiences off campus through part-time jobs and internships at places such as Navistar, Argonne National Laboratory and other local companies.

Career Choices

Knowledge of computer technology and its applications will make a career in government, business, industry and education available. Application software development, software engineer, systems software development, network administration, database management and consulting are just a few possible employment opportunities.

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