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Information Systems


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By studying Computer Information Systems at Benedictine University, you will acquire a solid foundation in information systems coupled with an understanding of and experience in its application to business, mathematics or science.

Computer information systems is a great option for students who have a passion for data and deciphering information for major corporations or health care institutions. Throughout the course of study, students will develop a solid foundation in problem-solving, algorithm development, data structures, programming and computer organization, as well as in accounting, economics, finance, management and marketing. A balance of technical and business skills is vital to a successful career.

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Students in the Computer Information Systems program have the opportunities to:

Acquire a solid foundation in information systems coupled with an understanding of and experience in its application to business, mathematics or science.
Become involved in projects, research and assisting in the computer laboratories providing hands-on experiences while on campus.
Choose electives that allow you to concentrate on applications for the business programmer or systems analyst, or the theory and applications of computers.
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BS Requirements - Lisle
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What Our Graduates Have Done With This Degree

Computer Information Systems Alumni

Our alumni have gone on to successful careers at companies like Google LLC, HS2 Solutions Inc., The Boeing Co., Argonne National Laboratory, Northrop Grumman Corp., Cisco Systems Inc., Navistar International Corp., United Parcel Service, Motorola Inc. and more.

Sample Courses

  • CMSC 4364: Mobile Commerce
  • CMSC 4373: Big Data
  • CMSC 4380: Artificial Intelligence
  • CMSC 4374: Advanced Web Applications Development
B.B.A Degrees
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Software Development

Software development is accomplished through Java, Python, and the Microsoft Visual Studio, which includes Visual C++, Visual C# and Visual Basic. The College of Science operates a multiprocessor Linux cluster which is used for research in all of the sciences.

A Practical Focus

Our computational science programs were recently revamped with a practical focus and industry best practices in mind. The program culminates with a large-scale capstone project which simulates the development of a real-world computing application in a business environment.

Data Science