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Ecology class, female student outside measuring plants



walkway between Kindlon and Goodwin on the Lisle campus with gray film over picture
dna strands, image has heavy white overlay; biology

The B.S. in Biology coursework covers all levels of biology from molecular and cellular to systems and ecology with accompanying labs.

The B.A. in Biology provides core biology courses with more flexibility in choosing electives that pair well with careers in a variety of health care-related fields. Some specific fields, such as clinical (medical) laboratory science, nuclear medical technology and diagnostic medical sonography, are ideally coupled with the B.A. degree. Our expert professional and faculty advisors will help you identify your strengths and passions, then explore our majors and program options so you can make an informed decision about the course of study that is best for you.

female student in lab coat smiling in lab reaching for a pipet; biology program

Students in the biology program have the opportunities to:

Participate in research with faculty in the department, gain a practicum experience with doctors or other health specialists at regional clinical sites, or work in our own Jurica-Suchy Nature Museum as an undergraduate student at Benedictine.
Learn with full-time faculty members who hold the highest degrees in their field, teach their own courses and laboratories, and host study sessions with their students. The faculty are your academic mentors throughout your years at Benedictine and beyond.
Be licensed to teach biology at the secondary level (grades 9-12) with a minor in Education.
Harden Lab, student researching in Lake St. Benedict
female student studying a plant during lab time; biochemistry, molecular biology

What Our Graduates Have Done With This Degree

Biology Alumni

Our graduates matriculate into medical, dental and other health professional schools including Harvard University, Yale University, The University of Chicago and Northwestern University. Others choose to go straight into one of the many career fields seeking trained biologists.
ecology class, students studying outside

Teaching License

Students must complete the requirement for a major in Biology as well as the requirements of the Teacher Licensure Program in Education which includes the Education minor.
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A Stellar Reputation

Benedictine University has an excellent placement record for graduates applying to medical, dental and other graduate and professional schools. The Howard Hughes Medical Institute has also awarded science education and research grants to the Department of Biological Sciences three times.

female biology students using microscopes
Lisle Campus

I can sum up my experience at Benedictine in one word, ‘challenging.’ Let’s face it, organic chemistry is not going to be easy no matter where you take it or who you take it with. But the fact that the science professors had an open-door policy made it very doable, even enjoyable. As a serious science student, if you took the time and put the effort into your coursework, your professors were willing to put the time into you. They knew who you were — something that is simply not possible in lecture halls filled with several hundred students.

Nina Goyal

Eye Physician and Surgeon Partner at University Ophthalmology Associates
and Assistant Professor at Rush University Medical Center, Chicago